Gaga Sings:
Hello? hello? baby you called?
I can't hear a thang.....

You probably couldn't hear anything because that outfit is so loud.  But you gotta give props where props is due, and therefore I'm sending all my props in Lady Gaga's direction.  Love her or hate her, she's got a unique look all her own.  So for Halloween.... or maybe like a conservative family get together (note heavy sarcasm), you can use this i'ble to help recreate the famous soda can hair rollers look in her Telephone video.

Step 1: Gather Your Weapons....

When I was preparing to make this instructable, I stared into my bathroom for all the things I would need.  And I just grabbed pretty much every hairspray, eye shadow, bobby pin, makeup brush, and face painting goodies (aka makeup) as I could, shoved them into a suitcase and drove to my friend's house (Im pretty sure my boyfriend was hoping I would never come back home with said bag, as my makeup has engulfed our bathroom...but i digress). 

So below, I have a general list of things you will need. I will get more in depth on the photos of the brands and specific products I am using to achieve this look.

Things you will need:

-A willing model.  Thankfully my friend Christina is already gorgeous to boot, so there was really no way to make her look bad. (You could also do this on yourself, but have a friend help with rolling the hair up)

-4-6 soda cans.  It looks like she uses Diet Coke in the video.... all we had was caffeine free diet coke.... it really doesnt make a difference.  Use Pabts cans for all i care... as long as they are a standard aluminum can, it should work fine.  Be sure to rinse them out real good! No need to have warm, drippy, soda all over your hair and face.

Hair stuff:
-Lots of bobby pins
-Hair Spray
-Clips (to section off the hair)
-Flat Iron
-Optional.... Dry shampoo or hair powder to create texture
-Optional.....Shine spray to finish the hair

-Makeup Brushes
-Setting powder
-Dark maroon lipstick
-Black eyeliner
-False lashes (at least two pair) and eyelash glue
-Eyeshadow Pallet (have at least a neutral pale whitish color, black, and dark brown for brows)
-Optional....highlight and lowlight makeup
-Optional....eyelid primer
-Optional...eyelash curler

Overall Look:
-Leather Jacket
-Hardware (For this look, we used a cool necklace)
I love that girl's face and the way she act with hairspray in picture on STEP 4 XD excellent!!!!
Looooooved this one! You Do deserve a pat on the back 'cause that's a really nice job. And cool Kryolan palette ;)
This is GREAT! You nailed it! <br><br>The only thing I would have added is maybe a jacket with more studs. I love lady Gaga and I'm seriously considering doing this look for Halloween<br>THX!
for the record; having anything to do with gaga isn't wholesome. she is a puppet strung up to distract you from discovering your true purpose and destiny.<br> <br> vigilantcitizen.com<br> <br> peace x
I saw this is Second Life (ploom/deviant kitties), never knew it was a Lady Gaga thing. Then again, not my genre.
Interesting that you were trying to emulate lady Gaga's look and you ended up far surpassing it! Kudo's to you and your model.
Thank you!
LOVE the idea of poking holes and slipping the bobby pin through LOL, almost too simple.<br>But, I have an idea one might try: what if you took some of the extra sticky velcro strips (the hooky, scratchy part) and taped a couple/three strips to the can? It would turn it into a giant roller and stay in, too....<br>Oh how I wish my hair was still long just so I could try this!! lol<br>AWESOMENESS!
That is a REALLY good idea!! I might worry about the hair getting caught under the glue side, though. It's definitely worth experimenting with!<br><br>Also, the hole &amp; bobby pin idea? Brilliant!!
thanks! I too would worry about the sticky part, but with the hair going perpendicular to the velcro, getting hair caught could be avoided. And then at that point, they could be used as functional velcro rollers!<br /><br />The bobby pin trick worked and my friend said that they didnt feel loose at all. but after a long night, who knows how secure they are, unless you really went crazy with the bobby pins<br /><br />i have a newly short hair do too, and would have loved to do this on myself. maybe next year
LOL its great to see things come around again .. back in the 60's we used orange juice cans (bottom pulled off) .. grins Ria
I love the photo/poster in the background in step 12. Where is it from? Ps. Good job!
IKEA! hahah isnt it perfect? Its like we were really in the big city!
Awesome thanks!
This looks just like the real thing. good job!
fanks fanks! even I was staggered at how well it turned out!
I love Step 13. More projects should end that way. Anyhow, good job with this one.
I think more people should be proud of their accomplishments.. big or small!
. Wow! Great job.
This is teh awesome
Pat pat

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