I felt like making some fridge magnets, so I did these. Cute, funky, original (and FREE!) fridge sprucer-uppers.

Don't copy exactly how I do them - there are Hindsight Notes at the end of this instructable! There Is A Better Way. :) Plus, mine are Toddler Assisted.

Step 1: You Will Need...

*felt pens
*sheet magnet/s (business card size ones with ads on will do fine)
*Duraseal (sticky clear plastic to cover books with - alternately you could use sellotape)

*toddler (good for colouring in, pouring glitter, glueing, and running away with your scissors)
*'dedicated' black pen (I LOVE black ink pens!)

Step 2: Get Your Bugs in a Line

Draw your bugs/print your bugs.

I printed mine, found the lines weren't as dark as I'd liked, so began drawing over them - then realised it was simple enough to draw my own ladybird, and did a variety. Much better! Originality and individuality rocks.

Colour them in, and (optional) pour glitter over them (or, sprinkle sparingly. glitter goes a long way).

Stick your laminate/sellotape over the bugs, covering them completely. make sure it sticks on really well (its a good idea not to use too much glitter as this hinders the sticking)


Step 3: Glue That Baby!!

With all the enthusiasm of a toddler armed with a glue stick, apply glue to your magnets, and arrange your bugs on them.

Step 4: Aaaa.....nn..dd.............

wait for them to dry.
Cut them out, and arrange them on your fridge with glee!!

Make a bug party :)


Hindsight is a wonderful thing. I cut out my bugs 3 times!!! Fiddly stuff, and time consuming.

To cut your bugs only once, start by glueing your paper onto the magnets. Draw and colour your bugs on there, laminate, and then cut - just the once!

Happy Bugmaking!
<em>&quot;*toddler (good for colouring in, pouring glitter, glueing, and running away with your scissors)&quot;</em><br/><em></em><br/>You let your toddler run with scissors? I see an ER visit in your future. Call Nanny 911! :)<br/>
If you have a toddler, you'll know they do plenty of things you don't let them!!
I was kidding. I had a toddler. He stuck 2 peas up the same nostril. First one came out easy, the second one, not so much. :)

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