Introduction: Lakitu Costume - Super Mario

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Okay, today i'm gonna show you how to make a Lakitu costume from Super Mario. We will start with a look on the material to use :

  • Snow Carpet
  • Hot Glue
  • Cardboard or foam
  • Big size color paper sheets (Green and White)
  • Paint (Red, black)
  • Old protection glasses
  • Cord
  • Fishing rod

Step 1: Determining the Size

Picture of Determining the Size

The first step is to make the cloud. I took some cardboard that I already had. I rolled up the cardboard to adjust it to my waist size. I glued erverything with hot glue.

Step 2: Finish the Cloud

Picture of Finish the Cloud

Take your fake snow carpet and wrapped it all around your cardboard. You can put effects to your cloud to make "distortion" and not just a cylindrical cloud. (such as 'peaks' on sides like in the picture).

For eyes and mouths, you can either take black paper, cardboard or foam painted. Make a choice.

And as always I used hot glue.

Step 3: Protection Glasses

Picture of Protection Glasses

Latiku have "race glasses". The outline of his glasses is black. So, I took old protection glasses and I just draw the outline with a black marker.

Step 4: Shell

Picture of Shell

To make the shell I tooked the papercraft model of the blue shell in Mario. I cut only the blue part. Before printing, I enlarged this blue part according to my size. I had to print it on multiple pages...I drew the result on my big green paper and I assembled everything.

For the border of the shell (White part) I drew on my white sheet a circle (we can see it on the image).

I took some cord to attach it to my back.

Step 5: Stoplights + Fishing Rod

Picture of Stoplights + Fishing Rod

To make the StopLights, I used foam. As you can see, it is simply a rectangle prism with 3 holes. Over the holes, I drew a form on some foam (you can see it in the pictures, not accurate). I cut it and wrapped it around each holes.

I used a hook to attach the line to the stoplights.

Step 6: Finish Result + Decoration?

Picture of Finish Result + Decoration?

An easy and cheap DIY project for everyone. Hope you enjoyed it, any comment is welcome.

- John, from Canada


AlexNeedsAName made it! (author)2014-10-30

Thanks for the great tutorial! Found it just in time for Halloween :D Didn't have foam (or the skill) to make the light look good, so I just made an easier "Final Lap" sign.

this is awesome! really good looking!

seamster (author)2014-10-10

Nicely done! Anything Mario related is always cool.

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