Having completed my Lamborghini Aventador Hot Pursuit papercrafts in early part of 2013, I got an unsettling urge to build another big model, after a two year break since my 7ft Gundam project. The idea was to build a near-life-size replica of my Aventador Interceptor model, but small enough that I could get it out of my house. After proposing the idea to my wife, she dared me to it and the challenge was on!

For this project I experimented with new materials, new techniques, and larger prints than any of my previous papercraft models. The name Aventador A-E2 is derived from the Architectural E2 paper sheets used for the prints, mounted to thick chipboard material for added strength.

Overall I am very pleased with the final outcome of this experiment. I learned many new lessons and the artwork makes a great display on my wall. The completed model measures 8' x 3.8' x 2.1' (244 x 115 x 63cm), weighs 25lb (11.3kg), making it my biggest and heaviest papercraft model to date. ...Did I mention most expensive? The cost for printing and materials set me back $1,000, but the creative experience was well worth it.

Watch this video to see how this gigantic papercraft was assembled.



X-Acto Board Cutter
Dewalt Folding Utility Knife
Fiskars Cutting Mat
Sharpie Magnum
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Premiere
Adobe AfterEffects
Maxon Cinema 4D
Pepakura Designer
Canon EOS 60D
Sigma 17-50mm f/2.8



Aleene's Original Tacky Glue
Aleene's Fast Grab Glue
Aleene's Turbo Tacky Glue
Aleene's Tacky Adhesive Spray
Arch E2 format adhesive paper
Arch E2 format chipboard



Lamborghini Aventador Paper-Super-Craft

Follow the link below to download and build your own miniature Lamborghini Aventador Paper-Super-Craft models.

Lamborghini Aventador - Hot Pursuit Pack

Find more of my creative work at:

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( Colossians 3:23 - 24 )

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Shreesh0015 months ago
Oh.. Man!! This is simply amazing... Speechless
Hey man you a Christian?
visualspicer (author)  petetgrosswi1 year ago
Yep, read my FAQ here http://visualspicer.com/faq/
DanK11381 year ago

this needs to be made to be remote controlled and actually move and be able to drive around.

visualspicer (author)  DanK11381 year ago
Then it would no longer be made entirely out of paper.
Just saw it,Thought you should see it
Thank you for the tip Mr Einstein.
hey taras can u pls teach us how to draw the 3d models in cinema 4d. i surfed the internet but i could not find anything.
ok now i have drawn a cinema 4d model but i am not able to open it in papekura. can u pls tell me how to convert the file
visualspicer (author)  jibrail31 year ago


you are really talented
he is really talentedbut he is not teaching us how to actually draw the 3d models
csiebe1 year ago
This is amazing. How do you work out the geometry for these projects?
visualspicer (author)  csiebe1 year ago
Thank you. I model everything in a 3d app from start to finish.
joseqtb1 year ago
nice, too bad i don't have a credit card
O_o dude dat is just cool
misterrauh1 year ago
Sweet work. I do papercraft with my students, but this is beyond cool.
I've always been a fan of paper modeling, you've taken it to the next level, very nice! I know, (for I have it), there is a Pmodel of the Tyrrell P34, but not in your giant scale!!
visualspicer (author)  kblanding561 year ago
Thanks! Taking it to the extreme is the way I like it.
just awesome...but for $1,000 dollars expense is a no no...for me
If I was going to spend $1,000 I'd have to put a motor and RC system in it!
k2iran1 year ago
DAmn this Piece of art is awesome!!!!!! <3
vov351 year ago
All of that carefully engineered high speed aerodynamics... only to be ruined by a light bar.
That bar makes a low pressure zone behind it along the top of the car reducing acceleration, braking, and cornering control at high speed.
Of course, cops aren't intelligent enough to know about these things anyway.
A lot of cops are intelligent enough to know these types of things and I've seen some light bars that are aerodynamically sound...but the paper pushing bureaucrats that make purchasing decisions are usually a different matter altogether. These cars and the officers who drive them definitely deserve something more than such an incongruous travesty.
foobear1 year ago
omg: you should make one that could fit around a bicycle, then drive it around: like this guy did: bicycle porsche (http://youtu.be/GaQB_tgS7f0)
visualspicer (author)  foobear1 year ago
That would make a good race.
mr fat1 year ago
dbvinoff1 year ago
awesome project!
gizmo7901 year ago
Wow I just got Mind Blowed!
Capitalist1 year ago
Wow! This is so realistic I thought that from the first pic, you where going to show us how to fold the "little brother"
Wo0kiE1 year ago
Love this!
And an especially nice touch with Phil 4:13 on the car!
Keep up the good work!
visualspicer (author)  Wo0kiE1 year ago
Thank you. Have a blessed day!
mpintovsj1 year ago
Impresionante !
agis681 year ago
epic beautiful!!!!!!!!!!
stumitch2 years ago
WOW. Just... wow!
Great job, now you just need to scale up to 1:1 and use aliuminium.
visualspicer (author)  latexmallard2 years ago
Lamborghini already do that. I'm going for something more original. ;)
dalythomas2 years ago
Great Car and awesome work!!
The Verse got me! It came up just as I finished a call about some work which I was worried about not taking up because I do not know much about that field. This is the same Verse I have written on a card and carry in my wallet and see first whenever I open it!! Wonderful - and thanks for the inspiration!
visualspicer (author)  dalythomas2 years ago
That's awesome. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
Thanks so much I think I will buy the kit it's cheap.
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