Step 7: Update: packaging

To complete the project I have made a nice box for the clock using a simple 4 mm plywood, cut by laser. After a few experiment with cardboard I have cut the inside part as well to secure the clock. Now I have a product, ready to find a way to make more and reduce the cost :)
cparsley2 years ago
This clock is amazing artwork. I would never attempt to make it myself. How much would it cost to purchase?
Warp Racer2 years ago
Nice craftsmanship Zoltan. If you go ahead with a planned production run, please let me know. :)
nwitte2 years ago
This if fabulous. I would buy one if I could. Absolutely beautiful in every detail. The tubes of most Nixie clocks are fascinating but usually are set in the most dreary containers. Very well done!
zorwick (author)  nwitte2 years ago
Thank you!
I will keep you updated when it comes to production.

All the best!