Introduction: Laminar Flow Water Nozzle With LED Project

I had so much fun with project. None of the builds online included how to add light. The attached video includes all the steps to complete this fun project. Now go and build!

Step 1:

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In this step you will cut a PVC tube down to a length of about 12 inches. Install a connection for a garden hose and insert that into a PVC plug. Insert straws and install the fiber optic cable and put on the egress cap.

Step 2:

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Connect all your fittings and then let the fun begin.

Step 3:

Check out this Video for further instructions.......


carlos66ba (author)2015-02-11

Very nice! Total internal reflection! (

KiteArmy (author)carlos66ba2015-02-11

I'm having second thoughts...that is a good thing right?

carlos66ba (author)KiteArmy2015-02-12

Sure, it is the same thing that keep light in fiber optics. Cool.

KiteArmy (author)carlos66ba2015-02-11

Thank you. I'm like a proud dad!

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