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I saw the designs of the other instructable laptop stands on instructables and thought "I must make one for myself !!!" So here is my instructable. With this instructable i tried to get rid of the cable and device mess on my desk and it worked :) Actually the project is not finished yet but I just excited because this is my first instructable.

Now It's Absolutely Finished :D

Parts-Prices (all the prices are approximately cos we don't use $ in Turkiye)

(+) ---> I had before
(-) ---> I bought for this project

Laminate Parque 1-2 pcs (+) (i just had from construction of our house. I don't know how much is that.)
non-slippery mat 3$ (-)
Strong Black Tape 3$ (-)
Double Sided Tape 2$ (+)
Scotch Tape 1$ (+)
10 pcs of blue led 1.6$ (-)
Straws 100 pcs 0.5$ (+) (I used 10 pcs)
Potentiometer 10K 0.2$ (+)

TOTAL: 11.3 $ if you don't have any of theese
It cost 7.6$ for me.

Step 1: Parts & Tools

Picture of Parts & Tools
I also used a drill, some screws, and a safety glass of course except the tools u see on the pictures.
en_rov5 months ago

You got me at ' glowing sticks'.

sanchit1233 years ago
This is really beautiful... BTW, I watch Bleach too!
electrophobia (author)  sanchit1233 years ago
Oh Bleach! I must bleach again sometime. Thanks for making me remember :)
ossisi5 years ago
 eline sağlık süper olmus havalandırma içinde bi fan koysandın keşke 
electrophobia (author)  ossisi5 years ago
Bilgisayarımın ısınma problemi olmadığı için koymadım. Teşekkürler
zatek5 years ago
Great edible! What kind of non-slip mat are you using though?
xklathos5 years ago
ellerine saglik cok guzel, valla turkiyemi cok ozledim ya , abi yazdigin fiyatlar cok iyi , ben USA state of Alaska da yasiyoum hatirliyiromda elektronik parcalari 10 ar 10 ar alir kurus oderdik , burda bi tane led ye 2 dolar oduyorum :( canim turkiyem
electrophobia (author)  xklathos5 years ago
Burada da yeni sayılabilecek ürünler pahalı ama.. RGB power LED almaya kalkıyorum canıma okuyorlar. Ya da Solar Panel ler mesela.. çok pahalı burada.. Bildiğim kadarıyla bunlar da orada çok ucuz..
I am just wondering, but why would you need to add non-slip covering on the sides of the stand, wouldn't that just be a waste of the non-stick cover and tape? Great idea overall! :D
its only a waste if your computer doesnt have the rubber built into the bottom.
But look at the sides of the image from step 5 (image 3)...
I understand what you mean now, but I usually prefer to go with the appearance of the finished product
electrophobia (author)  Gamerworld146 years ago
It was just to make the stand more attractive. So it's not a waste for me. Thank you for your nice comment...
Kasm2796 years ago
hm, awsome stand... you gave me an idea to light up the keyboard on this laptop with those glow sticks... or add a few to the chillmat under my laptop... :D
post a 'ible if you ever get around to the keyboard working
maxter436 years ago
Hey, this is a very nice stand! I got really inspired by your idea, and I'm starting to make my own. But I'm making some serious changes on the project, as I'm focusing more on cooling than on cable routing or visuals (of course, those glowsticks are awesome and I'm gonna do it! :D). I also want to do a Instructable, but I want to know: could I do it and put in the intro that your stand was my inspiration? Thanks, and congrats!
electrophobia (author)  maxter436 years ago
Thanks for your nice comment and why not! Of course u can use my project in the intro of yours. And I am really so sorry for answering late. I am serving the army so it's really too hard to find spare time for me.
Thanks! And there's no problem about answering late, I understand! And it wasn't THAT late, just some hours...
fwjs287 years ago
ummmmm....i want to make one of those but what is that poten-dabalabadingdong thing??and how much is it worth??? also wheredid u get ur LEDs????
electrophobia (author)  fwjs287 years ago
At first my English is not as good as you think. I don't understand what are you trying to say by poten-dabalabadingdong thing :D But I'm going to write all of the parts prices at the first step now. I hope u'll find poten-dabalabadingdong things price :D But I really wonder the meaning of it. Somebody please tell me what is a poten-dabalabadingdong thingie :D
"Potentiometer 10K 0.2$ (+)"...that thingy...ok thank you...by the way is this turkish???hocam 10 numara olmuş...laptop stand underground yapmışın...:D reputation kaç oldu???:D
electrophobia (author)  fwjs287 years ago
Yes that is half English Half Turkish. But the Instructables doesn't suport the Turkish special characters. For example ç characters are a letter which pronounces as ch in Turkish. And thanks for the explanation of dabalabadingdong thing. I just learned something more thanks to you :D
One of the things I really liked about the Turkish language is the simplicity of just adding the tail to the "s" and "c" to make the "sh" and "ch" sound. I don't know who Ataturk hired to "invent" New Turkish, but they were brilliant. No irregular verbs, each letter makes one sound only ... no such thing as a question of spelling -- though I had a bit of difficulty with the two different "i" characters at first. By the time my NATO tour was up in '73 I wanted to continue improving my Turkish, but gradually most of it left me, from disuse. However, once I got back to the U.S., it was a long time before I stopped automatically answering the phone " Yetmish iki yetmish bir, Kidemli Bashchavush..." (not proper spelling, of course)
cool.....whats the turkish mean? hello i am turkish man how may i help you?......
If you were referring to the phrase I quoted, it means "7271, Sergeant Major ..." That's how I answered the phone, 7271 being my extension at NATO Headquarters in Izmir. For your other question, the meaning of "nasil" -- as I recall, "how" is the closest translation. In the common phrase (question), "Nasilsiniz?" it means "How are you?" The phrase "Merhaba ben Turkum. Size nasil yardimci olabilirim?" is Turkish for the phrase you asked about -- " I am a Turkish man. How may I help you?" Hope this clears it up for you. Frankly, I'm probably the least qualified Turkish authority here, since I taught myself, only used it for 18 months, and have hardly had a chance to use it in the next 35 years. "Rusty" is a serious understatement, believe me, and even when I was using the language, my favorite phrase was "Evet, ben Turkce konushyorum, fakat chok fena" -- Yes. I understand Turkish, but very poorly. Someone may be able to explain "nasil" far better than I did.
electrophobia (author)  smokehill7 years ago
No Smokehill NO!! Anyone could explain it better then you. In just 18 months u did learn Turkish! One of the most complicated languages in the world. Well done Smokehill.. In Turkish there is just the base words like "nasil" . But there are also many kinds of addition which can be used at the tail of a word and change it's meaning like combining words together to get a sentence. I am going to give an example for this. Turkish Kitap Kitapchi Kitapchilar Kitapchilardan Kitapchilardansın Kitapchilardanmısın? And the funniest (in my opinion) Turkish-English translation I have ever do!!! "Afyonkarahisarlılashtiramadiklarimizdanmisiniz?" This is one of the longest words in Turkish. And "Afyonkarahisar" is the name of a city in Turkiye. Here comes the translation :) :) :) :) :) :) And now i think everyone feels the difference between these two languages. And the flexibility of Turkish.
Derin Derin6 years ago
I really didn't find Turkish to be all that difficult, especially after fiddling about with a lot of irregular French (and of course English) verbs, and the horrors of English spelling & grammar. For me, finding a language that had no irregular verbs and the spelling was entirely regular and predictable -- it was a real surprise, and a treat! I didn't get very good at it, unfortunately, but considering how much I learned compared to how little time I actually spent working at it -- I thought it went very well, but mostly because the rules were simple and never varied. Frankly, the process of changing an entire nation's language, both written and spoken, in a short period of time fascinates me. I'm sure there are books in Turkish that tell the story, but I've never found anything on the Web that mentions it at all, unfortunately. There really isn't much on the Web about the details of Ataturk's reforms, though most of us foreigners heard various tales, many of which may or may not be true. All of us heard, at one time or another, that the hojas (mullahs) strongly objected to his secular reforms, and (as the story goes) he just took a bunch of them (hundreds, or thousands -- the story is always different) and publicly hung them. Supposedly, then the rest of them stopped opposing his rule. Few of us believed this was completely true, but it was a very common tale we often heard. We also heard that Ataturk picked a certain date by which no one was allowed to speak "Old Turkish" in public, and all signs -- and books -- had to be changed over, with very strict penalties. This seems more believable, but probably a little exaggerated. Perhaps there just isn't enough curiosity or interest about this period of time outside of Turkey, since there is so little on the Internet, but I'm sure I'm not the only "foreigner" who spent time there and loved the country, and is curious about this period of the naton's history. I haven't been there in 35 years, and probably never will get back, but it is a place I remember warmly, and I'm sure the story of Ataturk's changes, and how they were implemented, must be fascinating.
electrophobia (author)  fwjs287 years ago
Merhaba ben Turkum. Size nasil yardimci olabilirim?
my nazel size is none of your business(or were yoo saying something else....)
electrophobia (author)  fwjs287 years ago
Dear fwjs28 i just translated your sentence into Turkish as u want. But I am so sorry cos i don't know and even found the word nazel in dictionaries. I hope there isn't a misunderstanding each other. And also I really wonder what's the meaning of NAZEL??? Could anyone please explain it to me??
ita apelled wrong i think...but its your nose...like ur nasel cavity....
electrophobia (author)  fwjs287 years ago
That's OK.. Thanks for the new word u tought me :D
haha komik
Derin smokehill7 years ago
He invented it himself,he was also teaching the new alphabet himself
smokehill Derin7 years ago
When I was living in Izmir people told me that Ataturk went from place to place helping teach people, mostly children, the new alphabet and language. I heard that New Turkish was created by a group of language scholars, some European, some Turkish, that Ataturk brought together. I always assumed they were also the ones that developed the European-type alphabet that came with the new language. Whomever did the work, it must be a fascinating story that deserves to be widely told. Perhaps someone will tell it someday -- in English, I hope -- and post it on the internet. So far I have found nothing on this subject by searching.
Derin smokehill7 years ago
they did not teach that in school...and thinking of all the ataturk study we did...hmm
yes a dabalabadingdong usually refers to a thing or object.....my friends say i over use the word ans they say it kinda get annoying....btw i also learned something and it is in turkish...what is next??
electrophobia (author)  fwjs287 years ago
How about teaching our languages each other haha!. That's a good instructable though :D I must start a series of learning Turkish instructables :D
iyi olurdu hocam bize pek gerekmez gerçi
electrophobia (author)  Derin7 years ago
Derinsleep is our first lesson :) derin means deep in english and sleep means uyku in Turkish :P
It would be nice if something like the Babelfish online translator would work with Turkish, but that language is not on their site. The few "online translators" I tried from Turkish to English do not work very well at all, even on very simple sentences.
fwjs28 Derin7 years ago
bocaballa006 years ago
het i like the viedo coll video u and r u wearing nail polish it was was coll the nail polish was so coooll
berslan7 years ago
Using straws and leds instead of neons is a great idea. Both for power consumption, and for the cost. I wouldn't think the light would look that good. For sure I will use it somewhere. Tebrikler, iyi is cikarmissin hocam
electrophobia (author)  berslan7 years ago
Thank you for your nice comment. And I do like to see more Turkish people here.
The straw trick, blew me out... Good. And the leds are powered by your computers usb, right? P.S. : Belki Türkler çoğunluktadır burda... Aman Allahıım? :)
me too
JellyWoo6 years ago
super job!
electrophobia (author)  JellyWoo6 years ago
Thank you JellyWoo
ur welcome!
Hocam super olmus ama altina 2 tanede fan yerlestirseymissiniz mukemmel olurmus :)
josekiamora7 years ago
hocam 10 numara olmuş...laptop stand underground yapmışın...:D reputation kaç oldu???:D
electrophobia (author)  josekiamora7 years ago
Thank you so much josekiamora but how can I learn that reputation thingy? :D
well...in nfs underground tme more u make fancy ur care the more reputation u get....ince espiri gonderme yapiyim dedim cok ince olmus herealde....:D
electrophobia (author)  josekiamora7 years ago
I'm sorry i have never played that game. (inceligini bilmem ama calismadigim yerden cikti hocam :D)
havadan ince diyebilir miyiz?
ben de bunu anlamadim be hocam :D
hava incedir,her yerden geçer ya:)
super geek oldu...benim bunye daha fazla kadırmiyacak...bu arada siz nerde yaşıyosunuz amerikada olan var mı??
ben ankaradayım,kesin amerikada gurbetçimiz vardır,gurbetçiler heryerde
dip laf:öf italyada dönercinin işi ne yahu?
var ya su siteye gunde en az 1 kere girerim bizden birini buldum ya cok sevindim ya...
electrophobia (author)  josekiamora7 years ago
var var bi arkadas daha var. Hatta resmi turk bayragi ;)
o benim fakat artık ikonumu degistirdim...
chunkyblamm7 years ago
Nice work, but the ventilation is gonna be key to a project like this. The other ibles were actually designed to stop laptops from over heating, especially Macs. This is why the other stande are made out of mesh materials that allow free airflow. I made one for my MacBook following another ible. I may steal your led tube idea though. Nice project.
electrophobia (author)  chunkyblamm7 years ago
You're right but my PC doesn't need ventilation system cos it's never overheated. One can open a hole and insert the fan that is also instructable. I just don't need. I made this laptop stand for a more anatomic position when I am working on PC. My back hurt becouse of bowing down my head. Now I am sitting back and still studying my projects. More comfortable than before...
fakat herhalde parkeye kanal acip peltier bağlanabilirdi...(elestirme degildir)konya sokağa gidince ordakilere bakarım
Derin7 years ago
b-train7 years ago
did u take ur fotos with a sony k750? there prettyclear mine never take fotos that clear.
electrophobia (author)  b-train7 years ago
You were so close ;) that's a SonyEricsson W810i . I would love to explain the way i took photos that clear on another instructable if you want. Nowadays I'm trying to upload everything i capable of on instructables.com . Am I going crazy or is there anyone who feels the way I do :D
ahh i c then u have 3.2 mp camera i have the k750i n its only 2mp, if i waited nother 2 weeks i cld have had urs for same price :( owell yeah post n instructable on clear fone fotos that wld be great
electrophobia (author)  b-train7 years ago
No you got it wrong. W810i uses the same camera as K750 2.0MPixels with autofocus. If you learn how to use autofocus, then you'll be able to take really clear photos. And if your phone is old, then there could be some dirt inside your phone. If you clean that up, you'll see the difference.
btw noce instructable, i have wat i reckon is the toshiba equivalent of ur comp n it gets real hot so im gonna make stand like urs but with a fan, i like ur neon=led.straw efffect too
cosgrove7 years ago
I believe the words you are looking for are "Heatshrink Tubing"
electrophobia (author)  cosgrove7 years ago
Thanks :) i'll correct now.
electrophobia (author)  electrophobia7 years ago
And corrected.
darkmuskrat7 years ago
Yes, more otaku's like me that like Bleach :P I would build this as well but the incline seems like it would bother me to much.
electrophobia (author)  darkmuskrat7 years ago
No it's not that hard to do. May be a little harder than some of the instructables here but it worth i think. Choise is yours. Thanks for comment.
awesome. im doing something like this with fans underneath. my laptop gets HOT
lol - nice laptop (I have the exact same one) What operating system are you running? Have you tinkered with OSX86? great project! Have you considered adding venthilation holes with a fan? I find that when these computers are cranking out the full 2.0GHz they were designed to handle, they get up to 85 degrees celcius. A little too hot...
electrophobia (author)  computerwiz_2227 years ago
My operating system is Windows XP Home Edition but my laptop is 1.66 GHz. YES i considered adding the vantilation system and also i'll make it more attractive with blue LEDs. As you see on the picture, my laptop has blue leds in it's own buttons. It will be more attractive with blue LEDs. I will add the pictures when I am done with painting, ventilating system and the blue LEDs. Thanks for your comment ;)
gmjhowe7 years ago
Nice, looks sweet on your desk. again i have to agree with computer whizz, ventilation holes - you mareswell! cant do any harm!