Introduction: Laminated Plyboard Bar Counter and Tv Stand

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this method is really cool and hard wearing if you make it right

Step 1: What You Need

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plyboard offcuts if possible to suit your size and shape

50-75 mm self tapping screws 2-300

a strong waterproof fast setting glue

good quality drill with pozi bit to suit screws

a table saw to cut angles and sizes

decent sander or grinder with sanding disks

a range of sanding disks to smooth and finish

clamps if necessary

i used an environmentally friendly exterior matt clear varnish from harlequin paint in south africa

Step 2: Prepping to Build

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decide the size of your item you are going to make - in my case it was 1m wide by 60cm deep by 75 cm high for the tv table

the bar counter is 2,4m by 8cm thick by 60cm wide

the bar stools can be made at any size or height but be careful on the back rest and make a foot rest if needed

make sure your screws can go through at least 3 pieces of board

pre cut the pieces you need

for angles use your table saw at different angles to test the best curve for your item

then its as simple as glue and screw and clamp if necessary

Step 3: Finishing

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once your product is built fill any cracks with glue and some excess saw dust lying around

then take your grinder or sander and smooth off the rough edges , using smoother paper as you go.

once smooth clean the surface and varnish at least 3 times with a light sand in between to avoid stickyness

or paint a funky colour

Step 4: Thanks

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i hope this instructable - my first of hopefully many - will inspire you to do great things

i will update once the pics of the bar counter are downloaded to pc


mdredd (author)2016-01-21

i will add more info if anyone wants any as well as more photos if i have

seamster (author)mdredd2016-01-22

I would love to see more detail on how you made these. The flowing curves are impressive, and I'm very curious the methods you used to achieve them. Got any in-process photos? :)

mdredd (author)seamster2016-01-24

i never took in process photos sorry

in order to make the curved cuts we used a table saw that can cut angles and cut the angles as we progressed

the flow is important - we started at the bottom and built our way upwards

i will make a small item like this and take pics for everyone

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2016-01-22

Great looking chairs.

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