Introduction: Laminating a Cover for My Disc Sander

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If your following this series this is part 2 of making a 12 inch 300mm disc sander,in this Instructable I'm laminating a "U" shaped Cowl to fit over the disc for dust extraction.

Step 1: The Disc

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I've taken the faceplate of the disc and I'm using it has a former to bend the 2.5 X 50mm strips.

I have screwed 2 pieces of of 20x30mm either side of the disc and then screwed blocks to the outside of the disc spaced equally around the disc

Step 2: Taping Up

Picture of Taping Up

I've marked the board around the disc then taped up to protect the board from the glue.

the first strip was not glued to create a 3mm gap to the disc then i glued up with PVA glue the other 3 strips and bent them round the former.

Step 3: Clamping Up

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I started clamping up from one side with spring clamps making sure that there was no gaps in the laminates and tapped them level.

Step 4: Realesing the Cowl From the Former

Picture of Realesing the Cowl From the Former

I left the laminate over night before taking the clamps off.

Please check out my video for a more comprehensive view of the build and give me a thumbs up

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