Laminating a Small Skateboard



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Introduction: Laminating a Small Skateboard

About: Roarockit offers the technology, tools and materials to build custom skateboards and other bent wood projects. We work closely with schools to integrate board building programs into the classroom, and help a...
Using the Roarockit Skateboard Company's Thin Air Press technology, this is a quick look at how to laminate a mini-cruiser style skateboard. 

Veneers come preshaped. 

1) Glue the veneers
2) Place them on top of the foam mold
3) Put them both into the vacuum bag
4) Evacuate the air using the hand pump
5) Let dry for 8 hours.

Once the glue has dried, the project can come out of the bag and scraped/sanded flush... apply a protective coating to the board, attach the appropriate hardware (wheels, trucks, grip, etc) and RIDE!



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