Industrial Looking Lamp From Washing Machine Parts and Palettes





Introduction: Industrial Looking Lamp From Washing Machine Parts and Palettes

I had a non-repairable washing machine and wanted to reuse some parts. Since I lacked a clever lamp for evening chilling, the goal of the project was quite clear. " What was used to clean the laundry should illuminate the room in the future ... "

With the help of some wood from disposable pallets and some other parts this became a rather handsome piece. : D

Step 1: Materials and Tools


Washing machine drum and bearing cross

5 Beams of disposable palettes 34.06 x 3.94 x1.97 (LxWxT)

17 Wood screws ~ 2.76 (L)

3 Stick screws ~ 2.36 (L)

3 Stick screws ~ 4.72 (L)

9 nuts (suittable to stick screws)

3 washers (suitable to stick screws)

1 conduit 53.15 x 0.79 (LxØ)

3 pipe clamps (suitable for conduit and stickscrews)

1 Lamp socket with the matching threaded tube

1 power cable with switch

1 Light bulb


Pencil and folding rule

Wood saw


Drilling machine

Cutting grinder


Step 2: The Pole

The beams were separated from the pallets and the protruding nails removed or completely hammered. They were then screwed offset with each other and sawned to a complete lenght of about 57.09 inch.

I then drilled three holes (top, middle and bottom) for the stick screws, which i then fastened. To these I could now fasten the pipe clamps together with the empty pipe for the power cable.

Step 3: The Foot

First I removed the axis of the bearing cross and drilled six holes for fastening to the pole. From the remaining wood I cut three blocks of the same size. I fastened them to the holes of the old suspension with stick screws and some nuts.

This gives the whole thing a safe stand, the floor will be spared and taring is also possible with uneven ground.

Step 4: The Shade

The pole needs to be adapted to the drum, this was a very tricky part for me... I filled cavities with nuts and washers. :x

I drilled obliquely upwards above the empty tube and in the middle at the top a hole. Now i could guid the power cable through the canal thus formed and attach the drum to the pole.

Finally I connected the power cable to the lamp socket which i then with the matching threaded tube to the shade attached.

As light bulb I have selected a head-mirrored, which fits very well to the lamp.

Step 5: Finish

Especially surprised me the great light pattern on the walls. :)

I hope I could inspire you with this instructable and we will see more washing machine lamps in the future.

P.S. You could of course still remove the lime from the foot and lamp, but I like this patina. : D



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Two thumbs UP ! The use of the washing drum gives a GREAT lighting effect !

WOW ! Pure genius design/build

Very nice! voted! :)

Great idea. Next time use the pallets to build a box beam and run the wire through the center. No conduit needed and a nice clean look.

Thank you. It was my intention to use a conduit outside for the power cable. But you're right, it would be look much cleaner. This is a good tip for people who want to rebuild this.

Cool buddy never even considered using the drum I'm going to try this but adding a small motor to give a lighthouse effect. .i made a rip saw using the mot and dumped the rest tut tut. .but ty for the idea

Thanks! Hehe, a lighthouse effect would be very interessting to see. :D I never seen such a saw before, but found a instructable here about it. You're welcome.

very cool, i'm gonna make mine a hanging lamp to use outside...

Thank you. Wish you much fun makin it. :)