Introduction: Lamp Shade

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This is a lamp shade.



Step 1: Data

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Make the data by Rhinoceros and Grasshopper.

  1. Write a shape seen from the side by front indication of the Rhinoceros.
  2. Place the component with a Grasshopper, write a circle and size.
  3. Write the parts in the position seen from the top.
  4. Save with *.ai or *.dwg extension.

Step 2: Cut

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Copy and place as many parts as you need in the illustrator.

Cut the MDF with a laser cutter.

Step 3: Assemble

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Temporarily assembling parts.

Assemble with bonds if there is no problem.

Step 4: Attach a Light

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A cord, a socket and the plug use the thing which does not become one.

Pass the cord through the lamp shade before attaching the light bulb.

Attach a socket and plug to the cord.


Modern Rustic Workshop (author)2017-01-03

Very cool unique design!

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