Lamp at 12v





Introduction: Lamp at 12v

I kept a piece from the Christmas tree and I found a use for it. I used it as stand for a car light bulb.
It works on 2 phases. The beam and the dipped.

Step 1: Making the Mesurements

measurements for the big hole where the light bulb will be in

Step 2: Wires

drill holes for the wires

Step 3: Connect

get the wires out trough the big hole and solder to the light bulb

Step 4: Put the Bulb in Place

than screw it in

Step 5: Solder

solder the switches for the phases

Step 6: Result



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    How many amps? I am trying this with a 1000ma 12v DC inverter and no luck...

    about 18 old computer power supply must be good

    Damn.. Nothing that high laying around the office!

    try to find electronics recycling spots.....and you will find expensive component for a low price

    How many watts?
    Looks like about 80-100

    hmm... considering how hot halogen auto lamps get... probably not very wise to stick this thing on a block of sappy pine wood. just my 2 cents....

    Yes it gets really hot but it doesn't affects the wood.