Picture of Lamp made from translucent 45 records
I salvaged a few thousand 45 records from the landfill a few months back. The radio station had tried giving them away but it seems that nobody really wanted a huge pile of mostly country 45s. I went through the pile of them with my friend Earl (who tipped me off to the pile of records) and we pulled out all of the music we were interested in listening to. We also pulled out a stack of different color translucent records. What to do with a bunch of blue, green red and yellow 45s? Well, they reminded me of the lamps i have seen made out of compact discs so that's what i went for.

A few things...

Please, if you are going to mention this project in print or other sites please give a nod and link to www.zieak.com as well as instructables.

Also, these records served a very long life at a public radio station. I understand that they did everything they could to find them a good home. I salvaged them from the baling facility where they would have been compacted into a bale and shipped to a landfill. Don't hate me for doing this to a record. I have a large collection of LPs but these artists and songs have no interest to me. But if they ever do - i didn't drill through the audio part - just the label - so they can still be played!

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
To do this project you'll need a number of things...

50-75 translucent records plus a few that don't need to be translucent
a light bulb, fixture, switch and cord
a base
threaded rod, washers, fender washers, nuts and acorn nuts
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M3G2 years ago
andybuda4 years ago
for the black vinyl project
im thinking spacers between each vinyl
something like frosted perspex if moneys no object
would be abit retro, black n white
maybe 2 ft tube. low heat and could hide transformer in the base. i did see some coloured covers on ebay for tubes so any desired colour

this is a banksy canvas i got and put a tube behind, its crappy neon light that give off next to no heat so no fire.
if you just got one largish piece of perspex, then cut into squares larger than the light in the centre, you would get the space, and the look, without the full cost of loads of 12" circles.
mechaninja4 years ago
You do understand that you're completely ignorant for using actual records, people pay good money for those.
i have 20000 records, you can have them...

...all you have to do is collect them..
agis683 years ago
very cool...i have about 1200lps but none is red or blue....anyway.....my question is for the led lamp you used....please give us a link to find it or the exact type of it

LesB4 years ago
This could be done too with all black 45's. Then you'd have light coming out of the slits. It would be a different lamp, but still quite cool.
Another thing, you could put a motor to rotate the records, then add a tone arm and cartridge and have a turntable that would play the top record. That top record better be something you reallllly like!
kz14 years ago
Nice lamp! I like that you retained the original functionality of the records to boot. Back in the day I passed by a local radio station that had cleaned out their archives; stacking literally hundreds of colored & black vinyl records on the curb.

We were just kids but went home, got our wagons, and returned to haul those treasures home. This was before the Frisbee was even thought of (or so they thought)....the air was alive with flying vinyl for many months thereafter. :>)

Thought about stacking CD's with copper spacers but hadn't decided on a light source just yet. Nice work.
taoybb-TH4 years ago
AHHHHHH! I feel deplore a vinyl record........
brandoedmo4 years ago
Nice work.... any chance you have some more of those records you'd be willing to sell or would you be willing to make me one?? Also, nice ETSY store... LOVE the mustache pacifiers, I'm gonna have to buy a couple of those!
zieak (author)  brandoedmo4 years ago
I only have maybe 8-10 more of these kicking around. I was thinking about making one with black 45s to see how that turns out. I also am considering selling this lamp because it really doesn't fit the decor anywhere in the house anymore.

Thanks for the props on the pacifier mustaches!
I would be interested in buying it if you put it for sale online, that is if no one you know is interested.... What would you want for it??
love this idea, but a want to scale it down a bit, aka CD/DVD's (more importantly, FAILED burning CD/DVD's) some glue/epoxy them together (& clap duh) and run a "rope light" through them. The disks are clear have a reflective side (awesome) and by NOT bolting them you can get wavy designs in there if you want. Now im just in the process of collecting enough disks, I'm considering hitting up used cd stores with a discard "fail burn's box."
also, you can use free 'internet disks' (duno the real name but they're basicaly like sorta demos for different service providers) - they used to have them all free by the doors at PC World
a pc cold cathode tube will fit nicley down the centre of a stack of cd's, you hust need to find a way of powering it from a 12v sourse
maybe if your a lil creatif with convertions you can make an actual record player of it .??? just put the recordplayer in the wouden shell and run an axe trough the center whole , and convert the needle and needlearm to a longer arm and you can let it maken a sound to :p lol greetzzzz
=SMART=5 years ago
Awesome !
Re-design5 years ago
I did this using unwanted cd's and dvd's. Ran a thing flores. tube down the middle after drilling them out to make the center hole larger. Made a great desk lamp.
justinhyp6 years ago
79spitfire6 years ago
The large washers are commonly called "fender washers". Calling them that will make them easier to find.
in England they are sometimes called repair washers or penny washers. but if you ask then you will find what you are looking for.
zieak (author)  79spitfire6 years ago
Thanks! I'll make that edit.
Now this is Wayyyyyyyy COOL!!!! I can't hink of anywhere I could access coloured records. Any other suggestions besides a land fill!
zieak (author)  porcupinemamma6 years ago
I checked eBay for "45 colored lot" and was really surprised at the amount people wanted for just a dozen. Some thrift stores perhaps?
Geee. Thanks a lot for checking-I kinda thought they'd be pricey. I'll just have to keep looking at your beautiful creation :0)
Sean_Voodoo6 years ago
where the heck is that
Sean_Voodoo6 years ago
what time will u have them done esatern time
zieak (author)  Sean_Voodoo6 years ago
Check your PM inbox...
Sean_Voodoo6 years ago
can u get led lights that are blue
zieak (author)  Sean_Voodoo6 years ago
Absolutely. I'm sure you can get them online. You probably can get them at a local store too.
Sean_Voodoo6 years ago
can u make pictures of the bottom and how to do all that wire stuff
zieak (author)  Sean_Voodoo6 years ago
Sure can... I'll do that tonight.
should put it on like a post/ pole, make it more lamplike
zieak (author)  PresidentAnybody6 years ago
Not a bad idea. I have a lot of floor lamps already though so this was the most practical for me.
Sean_Voodoo6 years ago
so could i just use a normal lightbulb
zieak (author)  Sean_Voodoo6 years ago
I do not think that would be a good idea. Only use a bulb that you can safely handle even after it has been on for a while. If it gets too hot it would be a fire hazard.
Tommyhzy zieak6 years ago
RBG automatically colour-changing LEDs! (But after about 2 minutes all the colours of each LED is misaligned, some change faster, some slower, but it'll add a nice effect!) :) But I don't have enough of these or CDs or anything to make one... ):
Sean_Voodoo6 years ago
do u think that blue would work?can you make some more clear pictures
Sean_Voodoo6 years ago
what could i use as spacers?
zieak (author)  Sean_Voodoo6 years ago
You could use nuts that are larger then the threaded rod, perhaps cutting sections from cheap pens or other round tubing that is slipped over the threads...
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