Lamp With Bulb





Introduction: Lamp With Bulb

I apologize for the pictures, I never thought I'd put on Instructables this article.

Step 1: Container

Recycling dose of a deodorant or air wick.

First i wanted to use deodorant container, but we found that no balance, you'll see why, so I used the air wick container.

  • Remove the lid slowly and carefully, because it is under pressure.

Attention! do not use toxic containers

  • Carefully polished

  • Wash the container and leave it to dry

  • Apply a coat of car

  • Make holes for the switch and power supply

Step 2: Bulb

  • We use a light bulb.
  • Remove The Tab on the light Bulb
  • Break the insulation layer (black part)
  • Filament pull out
  • Fill the bulb with silicone or gel

Step 3: Electronics Part

We used two LEDs (12v), one red and one blue, for the blush I put a 10k resistor to weaker light.

I used a SPCO (single pole, centre off) switch type.

Step 4: Optional



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    bravo boss. i have an idea: next time try a RGB led and use an ATTiny85 mcu. it could be a great project.

    1 reply

    thx man. m-am gandit la RGB dar nu se gaseste prin zona si nici attiny85 :(

    Very nice project. You could use a Joule Thief circuit and run this light from a "dead" AA, or AAA battery. Very nice lighting effect with the gel inside there. Very cool looking light.


    1 reply

    you're right about Joule Thief .. and thanks for appreciation