Lampe De Chevet CNC Radial


Introduction: Lampe De Chevet CNC Radial

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This is the different steps to realize the "Lampe de Chevet" designed with radials and done with the CNC router

What you need is some pieces of MDF wood in 3mm

* Circle parts: 1 sheet of 25cm * 25 cm

* Profil parts: 16 Radials made of 8 sheet of 25cm *25cm

* Electrical parts: you will need an electrical socket of less that 5.4cm diameter

This design is to be sitting next to you bed having the same volume than a classical Chevet Lamp

Step 1: CNC the Different Parts of the Lamp

Please find the plans for the CNC machine, this can also be done with manual equipment if you do not have the required equipment

This can be realized in any material that is 3mm thin

I have realized that with the Zmorph SX 2.0, do not hesitate to tell me if this could be done with other equipment too

Step 2: Assemble the Different Parts All Together

To assemble the parts you will need first to sand a bit all the parts and then fix the electrical support on the middle circle. once this is done then start turning around and assemble the profile one after the other.

Please note that I didn't use any wood glue for this lamp as the bulb need to be accessible in case of replacement

but this is up to you to glue for example half of the profiles

Step 3: Enjoy the Segmented Light Generated When the Light Is On

The once everything is assembled you will be able to enjoy a segmented light that would give the best ever effect in the room.

As this is MDF do not forget that you can easily put some paint on it and have some fun with a colorful lighting too



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    1 year ago

    I love the style. If I get ambitious one day I want to try it with aluminum. Just the top part, and use it as a pedant lamp.....

    2 replies

    Hi Rjkorn,
    Have been ambitious? I would love to see it remixed with yiur idea... hope you cab make it!

    This is a great idea for a remix ... tell me when you have done it and share some pictures

    This is a cool project and all...

    But since when is MDF cardboard?

    Is MDF considered cardboard now? Why is this in the cardboard contest?

    1 reply

    Hi Mark,

    The reason why I posted that in that contest is that regardless of the material if you follow the same steps with a cardboard of 3mm thin. You will be able to make it.

    But you probably better use a laser cutting tool or hand cutter to do so.

    Do you agree with that?

    Amazing job - congrats!