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Introduction: Lamps Ahoy!!

We moved to our new apartment and to fill our time and to fill the apartment with light, we started making lamps.

Step 1: Lamp 1

I have not taken many photos of the making but I will try to give a general idea.

Lamp 1 is made of Dollar Tree foam board. I cut foam board in shape and my wife painted it. We cut out flowers and other patterns. I cut ladder like pattern on one edge of lamp and pasted colored packing paper strips on each edge.

Step 2: Lamp 2

Again got a Dollar Tree popcorn bowl and painted a Tiffany lamp like pattern with glass colors. Then using a hot skewer drilled a hole in bottom of the bowl to pass wire for the lamp.

Step 3: Lamp 3

This is a recycled juice bottle. This was 15 minutes work. I just cut off the bottom of the juice bottle and wife painted patterns on it using acrylic colors. It has a CFL in it to light it.



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    They all turned out so nice it's hard to believe they're not "real" lamps. Well done on the upcycling and for using unseen potential. Thank for sharing!

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    thanks for your nice comments