Lampshade for Livingroom





Introduction: Lampshade for Livingroom

Hello Everyone

This little instructable took place at my house

The living room

Step 1: Build Process #1

Drive to the nearest wood store and buy the desired size and diameter of the Plywood

Cut it the size you want

Make sure the Plywood are smooth and good looking

Step 2: Cutting

Cut the Plywood you desired size

Step 3: Gather the Frame

Take the Plywood , and attach it to each other , so you have a nice shape like the one above

Strengthen it with Aluminum angles

Step 4: Strengthening the Structure

Strengthening the structure

Step 5: Create the Cube Shape

Attched the two square shapes together so you have a nice cube

Step 6: Attaching the Outer Cover

Take the outer shell and cut to fit the size of each rib

Take a clear and strong adhesive, and paste the cover on each side of caution

Step 7: Pasting

Paste the cover frame with adhesive tape

Just to keepmit tight

Step 8: Wrap the Whole Structure With Wallpaper You Desire

Take a wallpaper the color you want, and cut it to fit the ribs

attached it to the the ribs and make sure you stick it well enough

Cut the excedded wallpaper !

Step 9: Peal Off the Leftovers

Step 10: Prepare the Needed Materials for the Lighting Fixture

Step 11: Lighting Fixture Installation

Lighting Installation is pretty easy.

It needs to be on top of the lampshade , so you only see beneath the lights it self and not the structure

Step 12: Adding Chains to Hang the Fixture

I used very regular , thin chains to hang it .

Make sure it is tighten securely to the upper base of the fixture

Step 13: Hanging the Lampshade - Finally



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    Great Idea!!! next week i'll do it!!! :-)


    Post some pics , i would love the see the results!

    Goooood Luck

    Nice Ible ....

    Nice, I like it too much and I think I will try it and make one at my kitchen soon...

    Go for it!

    It would be nice to see the result

    In step 3, how did you attach the pieces of wood together to make the frame? Is there a specific glue you'd recommend?

    Nice laconic design I love.

    I wold like to make almost the same but turn bulb(s) into ceiling in order to achieve soft diffused light that fill the room without any sharp and annoying shadows. In other words I gonna cancel diffusing SCREEN in favor ceiling as a diffusing REFLECTOR. In this case ceiling must be as WHITE as it possible to minimize light losses. And certain chandelier design should be applied as well...

    Thank you for nice ible!