Introduction: Lancia Lybra Engine Crankshaft Table Lamp DIY

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From another project (not yet published) I have crankshatf from Lancia Lybra (Italian car).

So I made table lamp.

Step 1: What You Need

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1. cranshaft

2. pipe clip (pic.2)

3. another table lamp - donor parts

4. shade

5. nuts and bolts

6. felt

7. clear paint

8. some metal parts

tools: angle grinder, drill with metal brush, screwdriver

and the most importanat: time for working, photographing and translation

Step 2:

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Cut off unwanted parts from crankshaft.

To the base glue a piece of felt (its secure table from scratches).

Clean the rust from crankshaft- using the drill with steel brush.

Paint with transparent varnish (paint).

Step 3: Mounting Bulb Holder

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Mount pipe clips to the crankshaft.

Dissasemble table lamp - donor parts and mount on the crankshaft what you need parts (pipe clips, bulb holder).

Step 4: Finish

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Install light bulb, lamp shade, electric cable.

Check the lamp.

In the free spaces on the crancshaft (piston position) you can place book, cell phone, gadgeds, etc.


Modern Rustic Workshop (author)2017-01-05

I love designs like these! Really cool!

3366carlos (author)2017-01-04

very nice, too bad you can't push the wire thru the middle of the crankshaft. Maybe use black wire instead

michu19753 (author)3366carlos2017-01-05

I thought about it.

I plan to lead the cable in the middle of chain of bicycle.

Also you can paint the wire.

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