After you have modified an electronic flash to work with your Polaroid land camera, you will find that you need a way to mount it on the camera. I found that the easiest way to do this was to use the flashbulb unit as a base and modify it to support the electronic flash. This is relatively straight forward to do and I find that it attaches to the camera quite well. The two benefits of doing it this way is that the flashbulb unit has a custom built clip specifically to attach to the Polaroid and it also has the custom PC cable which is used to activate the automatic metering inside of the Land Camera for use with the flash.

Step 1: Go Get Stuff

You will need:
- Polaroid 268 flashbulb unit
- An electronic flash
- Hot shoe tripod adapter
- 1/4 x 1/2" bolt
- (x2) 1/4 washers
- 3/32" mono jack
- Black mat board triangle ***
- Spray mount
- Thread lock
- (x2) 3/32' mono plugs or 3/32" male-to-male mono cable

*** Cut out the triangle from the template posted below called "FlashMountTriangle.eps". It does not necessarily have to be Mat board. Any thick material that is 1/16" or thinner should work.
<p>This is 'the best' , most finished &amp; professional looking conversion I have seen, this ones even much better than the ones you see for sale at different film camera sites with are just the wire connected to a metal plate (or what ever) and a metal tab added with ther nuts &amp; bolts that connect the shoe to the device exposed...Really nice!</p>
Just made my own land camera electronic flash mount from your tutorial. Works great, really happy I found this how to. Thanks

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