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Introduction: Land Paddle

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At the beach I had seen people on long boards pushing themselves around with these big sticks. They looked pretty fun so I was interested in getting one. But after learning the price on these was $100 and up I decided to make one myself.

The end product works great and I think it looks pretty cool. So if you’re looking to have some fun for a fraction of the price, let’s get to it!

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Step 1: What You Need

Supplies you need:

  • 1¼” or 1½” wooden dowel – Home Depot has these
  • Vurtego pogo stick bounce pad – Vurtego sells these here: – you could also use a tennis ball or something similar but this looked and worked the best for me

Tools you need:

  • Saw
  • Sanding block or power sander with sand paper
  • Drill
  • 1¼” or 1½” drill bit depending on the size of your wooden dowel
  • Dremel

Supplies you might need:

  • Plasti Dip – Home Depot also carries this
  • Wood stain

Step 2: Cut Your Wooden Dowel

Cut your wooden dowel to about the height of the rider’s forehead when standing on the skateboard.

Next you’ll need to cut the handle using the remaining material. I cut my handle about 4 1/2 inches long but do whatever’s comfortable for you. Then sand everything down until it has a nice feel and finish.

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Step 3: Attach Your Handle

Find the center of your handle and, using the 1¼” or 1½” drill bit, drill into the handle about ¾” deep. You’ll use this to sit the long piece of your paddle to your handle. Be sure to sand where you drilled to a nice finish.

Drill a hole through the top of your handle and into the land paddle. Use your glue to attach the two together and insert a screw through the hole you just drilled.

You should now have a handle attached to your land paddle!

Step 4: Prepare to Attach Your Base

For the base of my land paddle I thought back to my days when I rode a pogo stick. I figured the base we used for our pogo sticks would work for a land paddle. It turns out I was right! The Vurtego pogo stick bounce pad has worked great for me. You can buy them here for $20:

The bounce pad is made for a square shaft. Since our land paddle is round, we need to cut the bottom of our dowel into a square so the bounce pad can be securely mounted. To do this I used the dremel to cut a square the depth of the bounce pad. This takes a lit bit of fitting but it’s not too difficult.

If you plan to stain your land paddle continue to step 4. If not, skip to step 5 to mount the base on your land paddle.

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Step 5: Optional: Stain Your Land Paddle

If you plan to stain your land paddle, this is a good time to do it. Staining before you mount your base will allow you to get a better finish on it.

Simply wipe on and wipe off your stain to your desired finish.

Step 6: Attach Your Base

To attach the bounce pad simply drill and insert a screw from the bottom and up into the land paddle. It’s pretty simple, so it’s also easy to replace if you ever need to.

If you like this and want to learn more or see what other things I'm up to check out my website at

Step 7: Optional: Spray Plasti Dip for Your Handle

This is an optional step but I found that Plasti Dip was great to hold and gave the land paddle a nice look.

Simply mask off where you want your handle and spray on the Plast Dip just like spray paint. The Plasti Dip gives a nice rubbery feeling that is durable and nice to hold on to.

Step 8: Final Product

You’re done! Add any graphics or anything you want to your land paddle to customize it. I added a nice “Trav Design” stamp to mine.

Now go out and have some fun and get in a little bit of a workout too. Now agreeably this doesn’t flex as much as the Kahuna Stick so I probably can’t go as fast. But it is just as much fun and I probably get a better workout using this instead. Plus you get a lot of questions when you go out with a land paddle so it is cool to tell people I built this myself. Anyway, it works great for me and I even built another one for my girlfriend. We both have a blast with these things!


If you like this and want to learn more or see what other things I'm up to check out my website at

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    Something new..

    I love it. I had a friend who is a cabinet maker build me one a couple of years ago. Mine was made with a curly maple handle with a black walnut T handle. For the business end I used the wheels of a busted two wheel Razer scooter. I removed the bearings and replaced them with flat washers and through bolted them with 3/8" threaded rod cut to length. My niece uses it all the time now. She got a penny board for her birthday and then wanted to try Uncle Bill's longboard. I will try to post a picture.

    1 reply

    It's great for braking on a downhill as well

    I made one last night, only I used a lacrosse ball instead of the pogo pad.

    What do you estimate is the total cost of materials? And do you think a tennis ball would be durable, and would it grip the pavement sufficiently? Obviously, not as well as the pogo pad

    Yeah I did a longboard event and saw those poles you were talking about,, 100 bucks or so. I was thinking of making one too, nice job and good choice on materials. I have seen the fake bamboo ones " ratan" furniture ones are supposed to be good too and have some flex to them, which gives you some more velocity. Over all you can't beat the price or the way you made it, good job! Like your board too. I heard dresser drawer fronts make good decks too. :)

    1 reply

    yea I did make the deck! Check it out:

    Great instructable! I would love to make this! (I might need to get a skateboard first)

    dude this is gonna fit so good with my new wood board! thanks for the idea!