Outdoor parties are the heart of summer! When you begin planning for an outdoor summer party there are different light sources that you need to consider in addition to your . Just as people look at different light sources in their home (accent, spot, overhead, ambient, task, etc.) outdoor lighting is no different. Here are the lighting sources I consider when planning outdoor spaces.

Types of Outdoor Lighting

1. Accent lighting: Accent lighting is used to highlight the architecture of your home and your landscaping. I believe one of the biggest mistake people make with their homes is to neglect the importance of outdoor accent lighting. It is beautiful for parties, helps guests navigate your paths and walkways and showcases your home and landscaping in a new light (pun intended.) Outdoor lighting can be absolutely stunning!

2. Ambient lighting: These are any light sources that help set the mood for your party. This can be in the form of tiki torches, string lights or any other form of functional, unique lighting.

3. General illumination: General illumination may be necessary if after you add your accent lighting, ambient lighting and functional lighting you still don’t feel that your guests will have enough light to see well. This is the category that I use the most caution around because you don’t want to add too much light that your guests feel in a spotlight. Also, keep in mind that lighting attracts bugs which brings me to my next lighting category.

4. Functional lighting: Functional lighting is any light source that is a result of a need outdoors. This can be lighting from citronella candles to keep bugs away or the glow from a fire pit or chimenea in my case. With all of the additional light you have bugs are likely to want to join your party so I always opt for citronella or something to deter buggy guests.

Here is a quick and easy way to add beautiful, affordable outdoor accent lighting to your next summer party.


- Globe light covers (clear or frosted)
- Outdoor string lights

Step 1: Step 1: Place lights into globes

This is a very simple tutorial…put the lights into the globes.
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