Step 1: Tools

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The tools you will need for taking landscapes:

Camera. I used my Canon Rebel T5, but you can really use any camera nowadays.

A view. My husband and I travel all over the country, and we love the outdoors, so we are always exploring mountains, hills, woods, etc.

Step 2: Choose Your Settings.

Picture of Choose Your Settings.

For most of the pictures I take, I like the Creative Auto setting.

In this setting I can choose continuous shooting, auto flash, flash or no flash. I like no flash for most pictures. The natural light makes the picture look better. You can also choose filters, like vivid or darker. For the picture I took here I chose the darker setting to have more contrast between the shadows and light.

Step 3: Start Shooting.

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Start taking pictures! And take lots of different angles!

Thanks for reading my first tutorial on taking landscape photos!


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