Harness the power of modern lighting technology by converting a standard lantern torch into an LED torch. LEDs provide the advantage of longer bulb life, reduced power consumption (originally 750mA, now 320mA) and reduced heat. This project uses 32 LEDs which provides slightly more light than stock while using under half the juice. I've made a video showing the basic steps involved in making the project. You'll be building a small LED light and installing it in the reflector. This light is then connected to the circuitry in the torch so it operates as per normal. If you're keen, take a few minutes to view then continue on to the detailed instructions. If you enjoyed the video, please consider subscribing to my youtube channel as this helps towards producing more videos and projects.


Step 1: Equipment

- 1x 6v Lantern Torch / Flashlight (Amazon)
- 5mm White LEDs ( Amazon / DealExtreme ) Any multiple of two. I used 32 LEDs for this one.
- 1 Ohm 1/4W Resistors ( Amazon ) One resistor required for every two LEDs used.
- Disc shaped wooden or plastic object that fits inside the reflector to mount the LEDs. I used a jar lid that I trimmed down.
- Thin gauge wire.

*Affiliate links provided to suitable products on Amazon.com and DealExtreme.com

- Soldering equipment
- Drill, tape and stationary

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