Lanyard for a Surefire or Similar Flashlight





Introduction: Lanyard for a Surefire or Similar Flashlight

When I got my Surefire from ebay, i was very happy with this tool of illumination, though not very happy with the price of its equipment.
So i thought about some ways of not spending all my money on gimmicks but using my brain first.

Look at what happened!

Step 1: What You Need:

- a Surefire or similar lamp
- some weldingg wire
- some (combination) pliers (not in this Picture)

Remove tailcap and batteries.

Step 2: Step 2

Bend the wire around the lower part of the lamp, below the rubber gasket or grommet-thing.

Step 3: Step 3

Bend one end about 90 degree and cut the other one off, so that it looks like shown in the picture below.
Now you may need the pliers or at least a multitool.

Step 4: Step 4

You can now remove the ring and blacken it with a lighter or paint it the color of your lamp.

When done, attach it to the lamp again and adjust it, so that it fits tight!
depending on you're lamp and the diameter of your wire you may need to flatten the ring with a hammer, in order to turn the lamps permanent light mode on.

Step 5: Step 5

Take some paracord, cordstoppers and two nice knots and you have a nice and cheap lanyard, looking quite the same as the ones you get at the Surefire website.
You can also leave out the stoppers and only knot away, mabey with some monkeyfist at the end...

Attach it to the ring on the lamp, as shown below.
Yout might need the help of the plier again!

Step 6: DONE!

Thats it, a nice and easy to handle lamp always at hand and unlosable, too!

Have FUN!



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    You could solder the ends with tin

    is the tail cap still water tight?


    Yes. There is no change in design. If it was waterproof before, than it is still know. I just found a way to do it myself, than to order it from the U.S.

    nice idea. will the hook open up if the lamp gets stuck somewhere? maybe a risk for losing your flash light.


    I think the paracord is tough enough to painfully remind you of a stuck lamp, before you bend up the ring wide enough to let it slip. And a crash thats hard enough to break the wire would damage the lamp too, so be careful! :-)

    How good is that flashlight

    the lights are very good, the customer service is better.


    I do like it very much. Its bright, its handy and its very lightweight, due to the nitrolon hull. A guy from the German Military Police told me its "one of the best lights available for small money." It gets the job done!

    the color, duh