Lap Timer




Introduction: Lap Timer

Based from request from my brother he want to measure speed of his car (Tamiya 4 WD) on track,

First idea use LDR, so when the shadow close LDR counter start to count but the respond is not so quiet good for capture data on car race, so we decide to use infra red sensor IR-E-18-d50nk, and we can adjust for sensitivity when we put on the top of track. counter will start count when car pass the sensor

This tutorial i made specially for my brother, but i try to share maybe other friends like Tamiya race too

Step 1: Add Code for Arduino

Just simple code, upload to Arduino (I use Uno)

Step 2: Build Own Interface

Here the button reference

- On top left there is blank small table for inserting serial com that arduino already detect on the computer, so just write "COM3" for example and klik Connect

- Reset counter : Is to reset counting , put the car under the sensor and push this button to get new measurement

- End : Will end count , 15 second will automatic restart

- Save Data : To save data measurement to the txt format

This application need net framework 4.5.1
(free to download)



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