This Lap Top bag is "Suit"able for a man or woman. I made this for my Lap top with these measurements, 14" x 10" x 1-1/2". My Lap top is quite heavy and I wanted to make a sturdy bag with handles that went all the way under the lap top. You can find a good suit coat at the Thrift shop. When choosing one, make sure it doesn't smell like cigarette smoke or have any obvious stains. These Suit coats are usually not machine washable, especially the wool/tweed ones and it would be expensive to have one dry cleaned.  Also, look at the front pockets, make sure they have flaps. The condition of the lining doesn't matter, but the lining in the pockets needs to be in good shape. Find a long sleeved mens shirt to use for the lining of the bag. Large or extra large size. I found a red/black plaid that went well with the grey suit coat. You will need 2 sheets of plastic canvas and 4 inches of hook and loop closure. Sewing machine, scissors and pins. Also, I cut up an old skirt to cover the plastic canvas. the pattern doesn't matter for this step because it is placed between the bag and lining. The bag with the purple trim was made first and I didn't like the placement of the pockets, thought they were too low, so I adjusted the next bag.

Step 1: Deconstructing the Coat

Remove the buttons and save for another project. Cut out the lining and shoulder pads. Cut the coat apart at the shoulder seams, side seams, cut the sleeves off and cut the sleeves open at the seams. Before you begin cutting, read through the directions and figure what pieces will be cut from which sections. There will not be much left of the coat when you are finished. Lay out the front sections of the coat, this is what you will work on first.
So Neat!
This is soooo perfect!! I just made this...<br>https://www.instructables.com/id/Checkpoint-Charlie-Hat/?&amp;sort=ACTIVE&amp;limit=40&amp;offset=40<br>And only used the sleeves for the project. Now I have a excellent idea for the rest. Thank you:)
The checkpoint Charlie hat is quite nice, I think it would look great with a matching Laptop bag! The bag takes most of the suit coat but a person could get 2 contrasting coats and make maybe the hatband and the side panels and handles of the bag out of the same coat and the rest of hat and bag out of the other one. I think that would be awesome!
Very nice work! I couldn't tell if you used both coat pockets, one on each side?
Yes, both pockets are used.
This is one of the best reuses I've seen. Such a neat idea - I've always loved the the look and feel of old suits and this is a great way to take advantage of that. :D
Thank you for the kind words. I made a couple of these with a long shoulder straps which looks nice too, but the strap is wider and sewn along the side seams. Before you begin cutting up the coat, figure out what pieces you're cutting from what sections. Almost nothing was left when I was finished.

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