Step 9: Closure

Picture of Closure
Lap Top bag from suit coat 060.jpg
Lap Top bag from suit coat 058.jpg
Lap Top bag from suit coat 061.jpg
Lap Top bag from suit coat 062.jpg
Lap Top bag from suit coat 063.jpg
For the closure, cut a piece of newspaper 4" x 6". Use this as a pattern and cut 2 pieces from the coat and 2 pieces from the shirt. Pin each shirt piece to a coat piece, right sides together. Stitch both short sides and one long side. clip corners and turn right side out. Press. Sew a section of velcro on each flap, one on coat side and the other on the other flap, shirt side. Place the lining inside the Lap Top bag. fold top of the lining down 1" to the inside between bag and lining. Pin. Put your Lap Top inside the bag so you know where to place the closure sections with velcro in between the bag and lining. Pin. Remove Lap Top. Machine stitch around the entire top edge of the Lap Top bag securing the handles and closure flaps.