Lap & Time Counter for Ho (1/64) Slot Tracks





Introduction: Lap & Time Counter for Ho (1/64) Slot Tracks

It is a simple (but improvable) lap and time counter for ho slot tracks (1/64 scale, the smallest). I have modified an original lap counter and added two limit sensors to detect the cars. Arduino use these signals to count the number of the lap and its time. When you finish the race it shows you the fastest of every car.



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    Did the improved process ever get uploaded

    Hello, this project looks great. I would like to do exactly the same thing. Do you think you can share your code? I'd also like to know what sensors you used exactly? IR distance sensors? Thanks and congratulations for your project

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    Hi ALX50.

    I have much improved the project and add a second display. It is one display per lane (two lanes) now. I have been testing it and had to change the sensors for IR distance ones.

    I am making a support for the sensors over the track (probably a "U" made of plastic using a 3D printer).

    I improved the software and it shows the actual running time, last, fastest and number of laps. I am also thinking about adding an ethernet module to arduino for showing this information on a web page.

    I will upload photos and code soon. I promise.