Step 10: Finishing & Final Assembly

Picture of Finishing & Final Assembly
1 | Like we did with the upper case we need to add supports to the lower case panel so we can hold it in position with screws. We will be using counter-sunk screws. There are only three blocks shown in the photo, I couldn't find my fourth mini-clamp! The case front will be screwed into the keyboard tray.

2 | Test fit the screws in the wood panel. I have used three at the front, one on each side, and two at the rear.

3 | Cut counter-sink holes and test-fit the screws in the holes.

4 | Dismantle the screen pack and remove all screws, brackets and supports.

5 | Sand down the wood panel to give a smooth feel to the wood.

6 | Find a spare wire coat-hanger, straighten it out and add hooks to each end.

7 | Go outside find a suitable overhead beam or branch and hook one end of the hanger to it. I have used a cross member which holds up the roof of my car port (make sure the area is very well ventilated). At the other end hook on the wood panel. You now have a make-shift spray-booth.

8 | Begin the process of spray coating the panel in your favourite finisher. I've gone for a satin wood varnish. It's sprayed straight from the can, and the instructions say to spray another coat within the hour. I gave it three, and left it overnight to cure. You can use anything really, it is entirely up to you!

9 | Repeat this process with the lower case wood panel.

I liked how the counter-sunk screws looked on the lower case so I went ahead and found some more for the top. Obviously I needed to then cut counter-sunk holes.