Step 11: Final Assembly

1 | Begin by fitting the LCD panel into the screen pack. Secure the WiFi Card, and the menu board.

2 | Add the logic board & Bluetooth. I have secured the HDMI cable with a ringed Tie-Wrap. Plug the Wifi Card & Bluetooth into the harness. Check all the connections. I have folded the IDE cable so it will sit comfortably in the space provided, and pass through the panel without snagging.

3 | Fit the screen pack into the upper case.

4 | Plug the harness into the USB Hub, & the Raspberry Pi. I have secured the cable with a Tie-Wrap and sticky block.

5 | Fit the speakers into the upper case. I had originally planned to use the grills to hold the speakers in place, but I decided against this and drilled out holes for screws.

6 | Wire the speakers wires into a 3-pin DuPont connector.

7 | Add the slide switch, and screw into place.

8 | Put the GPS in.

9 | Mount the panel mount USB socket.

10 | Check everything is as it should be and that you haven't lost the keyboard.

11 | Wire the top wood panel into the lower case.

12 | Secure the panel with counter-sunk screws.

13 | Make sure it closes properly.