Step 12: Power On

Picture of Power On
1 | Plug in a 12v power supply into the DC socket at the rear, and flip the power switch.

2 | Wait.

3 | Check everything works.

4 | Have fun!
kchapman82 years ago
I'm curious what kind of battery life you get
joshuabrand2 years ago
Hi there! Great project, I've been trying to follow what you've said but I've no idea about any of this stuff. I'm creating a REALLY simplified version of yours using the normal raspberry pi, a USB hub, a monitor, a trackball and a keyboard. I just want to know how do you power the computer and screen via batteries. PLEASE REPLY! And please be simple, I'm not knowledgeable on hardware. Thanks!
spystealth12 years ago
This is fantastic! Love the extra features and the well documented design process. And unlike a lot of really cool projects I've seen, this one doesn't sacrifice functionality and features for looks. Great job! You should do a follow up with extra add-ons.
antares722 years ago
So Cool! If you don't win the challenge, I will eat a Pi(e)! ;)

Good work!