Step 13: Things that went wrong!

Picture of Things that went wrong!
1 | I would have liked to have had a larger screen, but given the time constraints it wouldn't have been possible to have got one here before the end of the challenge.

2 | On powering up the LapPi it didn't work the first time! I had the DC socket gnd wire on the wrong pin. After it was fixed it powered straight on.

3 | The +5v LDO only outputs a maximum of 1 amp. Its not enough. The GPS, Wifi, Bluetooh & keyboard receiver are too much for the small LDO. I have ordered a 3A 12v to 5v DC to DC converter. For the time being I have unplugged all but the keyboard receiver.

4 | I don't have ten 1.2v NiMh Batteries so I haven't been able to run it from batteries yet. They are on order.

5 |
I did want to stain the lower wooden panel a dark green, but I couldn't find any wood stain that didn't come it batches of 15 litres, so I went with the varnish instead.