Step 5: Fitting the Screen Pack

Picture of Fitting the Screen Pack
1 | Remove all the electronics from the wood panel.

2 | Test fit the panel in the upper case, push the sides of the case against the panel so there is no gap. I played around a bit testing out where the best place would be to fit screws so that it gave the tightest fit.

3 | Measure the width of the IDE cable and create a cut-out in the lower edge of the wood panel through which the IDE cable can pass.

4 | At the back of the wood panel glue in extra wood blocks to support the areas into which screws will go. I have used two top & bottom, and a single screw on each side.

5 | Before drilling into the case take extra care to check all drilling points are correctly aligned.

6 | Drill the holes.

7 | Fit the electronics back into the wood panel and secure it into the upper case with screws.