This Instructable is designed to show you, the people of Instructables.com, what to look for in a laptop. This is not guaranteed to be the right way, as there is no such thing as a "right way". This will or will not give you good results, because there is no "right way". I am writing this Instructable to aid you in this process, which can be difficult at times. Well, let's get started! Oh, and I apologize ahead of time about the spacing of the text in step 2. It looks different published. I am sorry for any inconvienience this has caused you.

Step 1: Price

The first thing most people will notice is the price of the laptop. Yes, $400 is cheaper than $1000, but what is right? There is no "right" price. It all depends on what you need in the laptop. Of course, $1000 will get you a lot farther than $400, but is it worth it? It varies. If you want a top of the line laptop that will last you years, than go with the $1000 laptop. If you want an entry level laptop or a netbook that you will use for basic tasks such as word processing or surfing the web, than go with the $400 laptop. Laptops are not cheap, but some of them run about $2000, so don't go overboard.
Huh... That really helped me actually understand what they meant by the CPU and ROM and stuff. Before it was just like &quot;hey! This one has a higher number intel core than this one and it says it has more memory so i'll think about getting this one instead of that one&quot; <br><br>I literally had nooo clue until now!
i am looking for a laptop computer with an i5 processor that i want to play 3d games on like runecape and minecraft i want the price between $600 and below whith a screen anything bigger than 14in and bigger with a camera in it id dont store a ton of pics so what do i do can u give me any suggestions
Acer Aspire TimelineXs are nice. I'm pleased with mine, and it plays minecraft well. It is a 4830T I believe
where did you buy it and how much did you pay for it and how big is your screen size<br>
My Grandpa bought it I think off of CDW, the price is $626.99 USD, and the screen is 14 inches. And I remember the exact model now: Acer Aspire TimelineX AS4830T-6499
ok i saw that scame computer at walmart
I got a refurbished Dell Latitude D820 on eBay for $200, and it works great. I believe the seller is 'CL3Technology' if anyone is interested.
I've had no trouble with performance with Dell Latitudes. I think they are great machines
You're just <em>talking about</em> laptops, as most people do when writing these &quot;guides&quot;.<br> &gt;Cost? it depends<br> &gt;Colour? What you like<br> &gt;Floppy's? Well, this or that.<br> &gt;Anything else? Well it's up to you...<br> <br> L
Well, that's what the Instructable is about, isn't it? :)
Looks very good I'm probity going to walmart to get a Samsung Visio it's screen size is 15.5inches
Comments: Great content.<br>Suggestions: Give examples of the laptops you are giving the specs for.<br>Constructive criticism: Its a little difficult to read [ Step 2] <br><br>its <br>very like<br>this.<br><br>Other than that. It has helped me alot. <br><br>Thanks again for your instructable<br><br>Nathan (Ghostmonkeys)
I have spaced the sections more, but when I go to edit it, it doesn't show the Step like this:<br><br>its<br>very like<br>this<br><br>it shows it like this:<br><br>its very like this<br><br>I will have to go through it really good. Sorry I was so late in changing it.
Yeah, Step 2 did turn out a little weird. I will try to fix it tomorrow. I will also try to add the laptop examples in, too. Happy computing!
Sounds good. Do you think you could help me with my question?<br><br>Link is<br><br>https://www.instructables.com/answers/How-can-I-play-Star-Wars-Knights-of-the-Old-Republ/<br><br>Thanks in advance<br><br>Nathan (Ghostmonkeys)

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