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This Instructable is designed to show you, the people of Instructables.com, what to look for in a laptop. This is not guaranteed to be the right way, as there is no such thing as a "right way". This will or will not give you good results, because there is no "right way". I am writing this Instructable to aid you in this process, which can be difficult at times. Well, let's get started! Oh, and I apologize ahead of time about the spacing of the text in step 2. It looks different published. I am sorry for any inconvienience this has caused you.

Step 1: Price

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The first thing most people will notice is the price of the laptop. Yes, $400 is cheaper than $1000, but what is right? There is no "right" price. It all depends on what you need in the laptop. Of course, $1000 will get you a lot farther than $400, but is it worth it? It varies. If you want a top of the line laptop that will last you years, than go with the $1000 laptop. If you want an entry level laptop or a netbook that you will use for basic tasks such as word processing or surfing the web, than go with the $400 laptop. Laptops are not cheap, but some of them run about $2000, so don't go overboard.
die potato8 months ago
Huh... That really helped me actually understand what they meant by the CPU and ROM and stuff. Before it was just like "hey! This one has a higher number intel core than this one and it says it has more memory so i'll think about getting this one instead of that one"

I literally had nooo clue until now!
Schmidty162 years ago
i am looking for a laptop computer with an i5 processor that i want to play 3d games on like runecape and minecraft i want the price between $600 and below whith a screen anything bigger than 14in and bigger with a camera in it id dont store a ton of pics so what do i do can u give me any suggestions
KaydenST (author)  Schmidty162 years ago
Acer Aspire TimelineXs are nice. I'm pleased with mine, and it plays minecraft well. It is a 4830T I believe
where did you buy it and how much did you pay for it and how big is your screen size
KaydenST (author)  Schmidty162 years ago
My Grandpa bought it I think off of CDW, the price is $626.99 USD, and the screen is 14 inches. And I remember the exact model now: Acer Aspire TimelineX AS4830T-6499
ok i saw that scame computer at walmart
black hole3 years ago
I got a refurbished Dell Latitude D820 on eBay for $200, and it works great. I believe the seller is 'CL3Technology' if anyone is interested.
KaydenST (author)  black hole3 years ago
I've had no trouble with performance with Dell Latitudes. I think they are great machines
lemonie3 years ago
You're just talking about laptops, as most people do when writing these "guides".
>Cost? it depends
>Colour? What you like
>Floppy's? Well, this or that.
>Anything else? Well it's up to you...

KaydenST (author)  lemonie3 years ago
Well, that's what the Instructable is about, isn't it? :)
Schmidty163 years ago
Looks very good I'm probity going to walmart to get a Samsung Visio it's screen size is 15.5inches
Comments: Great content.
Suggestions: Give examples of the laptops you are giving the specs for.
Constructive criticism: Its a little difficult to read [ Step 2]

very like

Other than that. It has helped me alot.

Thanks again for your instructable

Nathan (Ghostmonkeys)
KaydenST (author)  ghostmonkeys3 years ago
Yeah, Step 2 did turn out a little weird. I will try to fix it tomorrow. I will also try to add the laptop examples in, too. Happy computing!
Sounds good. Do you think you could help me with my question?

Link is


Thanks in advance

Nathan (Ghostmonkeys)
KaydenST (author)  KaydenST3 years ago
Awww... my arrow didn't show up right.... :(
KaydenST (author)  ghostmonkeys3 years ago
I have spaced the sections more, but when I go to edit it, it doesn't show the Step like this:

very like

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I will have to go through it really good. Sorry I was so late in changing it.