Picture of Laptop Compubody Sock
Here're instructions for making an eye-catching hoodie for your laptop to use in public spaces for warmth and privacy. These are more sculptures than they are practical devices, and as such they're a fun challenge for knitting because of the complex form. A great site for learning a bunch of different knitting techniques with fantastic videos is knittinghelp.com. You can read more about this project, which is part of a series of similar devices, at my website.

What you'll need:
-a laptop computer, pda, or other electronic device
-yarn (I used about 10 skeins for this)
-knitting needles (straight, double-pointed, and circular)
-stitch markers
-stitch holders
-yarn needle
-a sense of humor

Step 1: Measure your laptop

Picture of Measure your laptop
Knit a test swatch of your yarn and determine the number of stitches and rows per inch (gauge). This may differ from any gauge listed on the yarn packaging, as everyone knits at a different tension. Measure your laptop's base, and figure out how many stitches and rows will be required to make the underbelly of the sock. Number of stitches per inch * number of inches = total number of stitches. I chose to knit my underbelly in a different color than the rest of the device.
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cmcmullen22 months ago
Lol that cover pic, it's like the person's being eaten
kennethharris3 months ago

Great work done..

stevenelson553 months ago


adamrussell3 months ago


denniscook4 months ago

Congratulations ! Great work

davidbarcomb9 months ago

Nice idea. Thanks for sharing

Jaboxa10 months ago
I did my master thesis watching chicken getting scared by a butterfly threw a oneway mirror. The room was kept cold to keep the butterfly drowsy and dark so the chicken wouldn't spot me on the other side of the window. This computer-cozy would have made a world of difference to me. Love it!

haha I would be so freaked out if I went somewhere like the airport or train station and everyone was wearing one of these! haha

300sqFt2 years ago
I've seen this photo floating around the internet for years & I always giggled!
-thrilled to finally find the origin, and unsurprised that this is where it originated. Bravo!
Your have GREAT instructables. Thanks for sharing all those ideas. Bravo. Anything else coming soon? Ideas for valentine's day?
ostark3 years ago
If I paid you, would you make me one? Hahaha.
astroboy9073 years ago
Can anyone else see someone wearing this on an airplane??
Itscrafty3 years ago
Porn Porn Porn Porn Porn, if you watch beavis and butt-head you will know what im saying.
lunch with family porn porn porn porn
Hey dad porn porn porn
hahahahahaha YES /\
jnakasone3 years ago
Use this on an airplane and you can also meet an air marshal!
flyingpuppy3 years ago
Someone's got way too much time and yarn on their hands. And has been reading too many Dr. Seuss books. : )
My first thought was also THNEED. Indeed.
mary candy3 years ago
Claustrophobia ^^
rhoaste3 years ago
Excellent. It would certainly be interesting to see some reaction videos of people using the Laptop Compubody Sock whilst playing Amnesia: The Dark Descent alone in an unlit room.
bowmaster6 years ago
This will come in handy for when I'm watching videos on youtube and my little brothers and sisters won't go away.
yes... youtube... ;-)
Like weapon videos. My two little brothers will not go away when I'm trying to watch weapon videos.
weapons suuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrreeeeeee
LOL is that what they call it now?
tjesse3 years ago
I cried laughing... Twice. The second time I noticed the hand holes. This is one of the weirdest things I have seen on this site in a while. This will be on early morning tv for $19.95 in no time! But wait! There's more. Act now and you will get the keyboard Sockie free! (Just pay additional shipping and handling)
bond8153 years ago
This is wrong on so many levels but I'll say just one word...Dorkie!
kotten3 years ago
Move over Snuggie, the next American Fad is coming.
foobear3 years ago
I have wished for a portable privacy booth I could carry with me, but I can't think of any way to make one that doesn't make you look like a complete weirdo... oh well... I sort of like it but I would never use such a thing...
punkhead583 years ago
Cool design, but in my area, the last thing you want to do is filter out your surroundings. Still good for home use, though.
Jaycub3 years ago
This is so wierd looking. Mabey you can add a webcam on top of where your head goes so you can see out without taking it off.
Sovereignty3 years ago
Looks like you're serving 5 for fighting.

9mvp93 years ago
Think this would work with Cardboard? or other materieals?
How do you put it on? I'm so confused.
yaly3 years ago
cool, weird and i think i can wear it as a turtle neck
ps1x3 years ago
This is pornoscope!
nerd123 years ago
with laptops like mine (which would cause a nuclear meltdown in five minutes with out a cooling pad, this is bad as it would cause synthetic warn to stick itself to you at the least.
other than that it is awesome. it kinda looks like a giraffes sweater with the holes for the forelegs and the looong neck but it looks nice. i cannot believe that, that was even possible by hand. good job.

PS. for privacy you should look at the recent newsletter with the privacy screen.
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