Step 9: Completion

Picture of Completion
Well, it works. I'm actually surprised. I fully expected to fry something along the way. The final footprint ended up at 12x10x2 and it weighs in at 4.5 pounds. Not bad for a $40 investment.

So, how did this "re-cased" laptop become a second monitor for my main system? Easy! I cheated!

Once the monitor has booted Knoppix off of its CD, A program called MaxiVistaViewer (running under wine) takes over. The main system picks up the Viewer off the network, and with MaxiVIsta Server, creates the equivalent of a super fast RDP. The main system then stretches its screen onto the 2nd monitor. The second monitor runs well enough over the network that I can watch DVD's on it. Also, with MaxiVIsta I can "chain" up to 4 monitors together into one display, or even utilize it as a "Soft-KVR" using one keyboard and mouse to control all four systems.

Disappointed? Yeah, I was too when I discovered the limitations of laptop screens for desktop use. This just seemed the cheapest and easiest option available to me.

On another note, the screen made its first real appearance as a component of my 3D design final, once it had its "appropriate patina" (i.e. rust) and had been attached to its oh-so-crufty copper pipe mounting system!
wesgir7 years ago
question: Is there any way to make it so I can plug my Apple PowerBook G4's Titanium Monitor into any computer. I dont want to have to mount it or anything.. I want to use it as is. I disconnected it from my laptop about a year ago when it crashed. I was hoping someone would know how. I don't know enough about hardware to understand if this is possible. and if it is I would love to do that. I have it mounted on my wall and at less than a quarter of an inch it would make a really sweet flat panel. i just dont know if it's possible. Thanks
You might wanna check out a controller similar to this, http://www.ebay.com/itm/NJY2261-V1-0-LCD-Controller-DVI-VGA-PC-Audio-LVDS-Jumper-Change-Resolutions-/271159830087?pt=US_Server_Boards&hash=item3f2262a647
What type of cables extend from it? Pics would be incredibly informative in this situation.
jpurkiss4 years ago
i think what every one is looking for is what this guy did to resolve the problem!


The only catch is you need the right laptop screen and the right motherboard for it to work!
lsymms6 years ago
Pretty impressive but you need to introduce yourself to taps and dies. I'm pretty sure you can get them piecemeal (a 4-40 die and some steel rod will make your life easier). Or if you wanted to go the other way you use this opportunity to justify (keep that WAF above 80 son!) a mini lathe/mill and get a threading attachment for it. And yes, you need a pneumatic nibbler. I cut out a grid pattern in a PC case for cooling purposes in about an hour and it looks pretty damn good. Tools are what separate us from animals.
wamorita8 years ago
MaxiVista is an interesting program.
FYI there is an open source program that will do the same sort of thing.
Its called Synergy: http://synergy2.sourceforge.net/
If you are going to use knoppix, you might was well use an open source programs for the screen stuff as well.
ljohnso168 years ago
wait hold on do i need to have a keyboard to set up MaxiVista ? because according to the specs there is no more keyboard no more mouse or did i miss that?
mrsayao8 years ago
design final aye? good job there it looks great with those copper pipes; straight out of a sci-fi movie