Picture of Laptop Cord Repair
Once again I came home to find my laptop power cord with teeth marks near the end and it crackling with electricity every time I moved it.  It seems that my mother's cat just loves to chew on this thing leaving me without a way to charge my laptop. This is the second time I've repaired it, so I figured I'd make an Instructable to help any other poor souls with a cord loving cat.

WARNING!  You are dealing with a power adapter which can cause fires if wires get crossed in the process.  Please use caution, make sure the cord is unplugged before starting, and don't blame me if it doesn't work.

Step 1: Cut out the Badness

Picture of Cut out the Badness
This whole process should only take about 10 minutes or so.  Begin with plugging in your soldering iron and unplugging the laptop power adapter.  Start looking at the cord and see if you can find the problem section, in my case it was pretty obvious (See picture).  Then take a pair of scissors or a cutting tool such as tin snips and cut out the problem section.  You will want to cut as close to the problem as you can so that you don't lose too much cord length.
malonzo22333 years ago
is it possible to use plastic gun or super glue instead of soldering?
natrinicle (author)  malonzo22333 years ago
I wouldn't recommend it, there's a great chance of arcing/short circuiting which could cause a fire if you're not careful to fully cover the exposed wires. Also, since hot glue and super glue could act as an insulator, your connection might not work and your laptop wouldn't charge.
is there any other things that i can use instead of soldering
You could use wire nuts (assuming you can find some small enough), but it would not look anywhere as nice as this.
lutiana lutiana3 years ago
Another drawback to wire nuts is that they would not hold up anywhere near as well as solder and shrink wrap.
natrinicle (author)  malonzo22333 years ago
Nothing I would recommend. A soldering iron is only ~$10-20, solder is ~$5, knowing how to solder is priceless! If you don't want to learn because you're scared you'll mess something up then practice on something else first.
ok thank you very much
Thanks for sharing! I fixed up my girlfriends power cord after her evil cat chomped almost half of it. I didn't added any solding but I twisted it a lot and used electrical tape pretty tight so I think it will be able to work until I can get other one!
bluefly12153 years ago
Glad im not the only person who's cats wreak havoc on cords.
MajorTom214 years ago
is it possible to do without Soldering?
natrinicle (author)  MajorTom214 years ago
No, not really...it would fall apart too fast. Sorry!
Aight, thx.
ataylor294 years ago
Thanks for the help save me some $ they wanted $45 for a new cord
incu4 years ago
hi im trying to cut the original cord and put a replacement charger wire to it... but im in a fix because cutting open the replacement wire i found out that the wires are different... they are blue red and black..... don't know which goes where... can anyone help wit that...
natrinicle (author)  incu4 years ago
If you still have the original charger, use a multimeter to find out what voltages are coming from the wires. Black will most likely be negative and the other two will most likely be positive voltages of different levels. After you know what the voltages are, go to the new charger and find out which voltages come from each wire. Then match up the wires that are the same voltages.
willce205 years ago
help =) so what do we have to do with the outer gray wire,i mean the ones that are left after putting tape to the center one. Do we have to twist all of the four ends (like the pic above,like the four gray thingys hanging)?or we have to twist them by pairs?or does it matter??xD thanks!..BTW you are a genious!
well i figure it out myself!and the SOLUTION IS,,,YES!you have to take all both pairs of cables and twist them up!and walla!!!you are done!wohooo!!i save about 40 bucks!! :P
natrinicle (author)  willce205 years ago
Excellent! Sorry I couldn't reply and help you out faster, but I was away from my computer for a little while. I think I just replied to you in my inbox as well... Oh well, glad you got it fixed and saved some money!
hahah yeaup!!thanks man!!u are a genious!
sabr6865 years ago
Thanks for helping me "dive in" to my repair. My break was RIGHT at the join of the cord and the three-prong head into the power adapter. Messy, and ugly, but now it works! Yaaayyyyyyy!
natrinicle (author)  sabr6865 years ago
I'm glad I could help!
carlos66ba5 years ago
If possible, use heat shrink rather than electrical tape for insulation.
natrinicle (author)  carlos66ba5 years ago
 I totally agree if you can get the tubing over the additional layers, my problem was that once the layers were pulled aside, the smaller diameter tubing would not fit over the outer wire layers.  Thanks for the suggestion though!