Laptop Lego Webcam/gadget Mount



Introduction: Laptop Lego Webcam/gadget Mount

Here's a way to mount a webcam or in my case a speaker to a laptop.the design can be easily altered for the best fit.

Step 1: Supplies

gather these Lego pieces in ur favortite colors

Step 2: Extra Parts

keep some extra Lego pieces handy in case this design doesn't fit your devices exactly.

Step 3: Okay Lets Get Building!

put these parts together in order :)

Step 4: Attaching Device

here's where u have a few options. you can use tape, Velcro, double sided tape, zips ties or anything u can think of to attach your device to the top of the structure. then slip ur lego mount on ur laptop

Step 5: All Done..

here's the one I made. I crudely put it together, but I will be replacing the tape with Velcro.



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