Picture of Laptop Money Stash
Almost every laptop bought these days has an express card slot. unfortunately, this slot usually goes unused. If you laptop comes with a "dummy card" in the express card slot, you can use it to stash emergency money. Most dell laptops come with a plastic "dummy card" in the slot, which is perfect for the following instructable. I used a dell inspiron 6000/e1505 as my laptop.
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Step 1: Fold the Money

Picture of Fold the Money
Firstly, fold your money into a square/rectangle that will fit under your card. compare the folded bill to the space under it. the following fold should be fine for most cards. if not, fold your bill a different way and modify the next step accordingly.

for my dell dummy express card, i had to fold my Canadians 20$ in half 3 times. check in the pictures.

Step 2: Create the envelope

Picture of Create the envelope
once you have your bill folded and compared to your card, we need to make the envelope to hold it securely under the card. for this step, draw the attached template onto a sheet of paper, changing the lengths according to your folded bill. in my case, the rectangles of my template were 3.9 cm by 4.3 cm.

Step 3: Fold the paper

Picture of Fold the paper
Fold the paper into a rectangle. fold the two big rectangles together, then use the two smaller ones to close the edges. you should have an envelope, open on one side. both folds should be on the same side of the envelope, this will reduce the chances of the tape falling off in your computer (you will see in the next step).
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ElvenChild4 years ago
I hate Dell i am in no way a fan boy I am just willing to pay the price for apple because they have what I deem to be quality products please tell me that I did not just start an argument cool project by the way
mac's are a ripoff for the computer costed the same as a mac and i got 10x the power, and more options for the price. but i think that dell sucks too!
mahinder3 years ago

Great idea. Nowadays laptops costing below 200 dollars also have a slot for these SD memory cards.
However, I do not see any extensive use of the technique though. Not even to save your money from burglars( since the they would rob the laptop anyway).
(removed by author or community request)
Go Canada eh, except quebec :)
Yah! Canada is the best!!!
B Chino5 years ago
what hapes when some one steels the lap top
Was thinking the exact same thing.. your laptop and your money.
yeah but if im a burgerler im going to walk in and steal that dell inspirion 1520 laptop and then find the money in it !!
abadfart6 years ago
dude don't buy a dell 3 out of 5 computers that showed up on my work bench were dells
That's because 4 out of 5 computers are dell.
ya but we got them with bad caps all the time and we used mostly hp and ibm
jokickass6 years ago
not a bad idea but on my laptop the battery is just a bit bigger than a bill so i just keep a 50$ and a 100$ bill under the battery might be a good idea for those who just a remote and no dummy or no slot at all :Þ
berky936 years ago
this is a great idea! my laptop comes with a remote control and it has a slot designated for it, but I never use the remote. it also came with a little space holder in case you dont want to use the remote, it would be perfect for holding cash.
I ordered an ibook. I got it and I heard something rattling around in it. It turned on and worked fine. After about a week of owning it I tipped it on its side with the optical drive open. There was 15 cents stored inside of the opitcal drive.
Wow. LIke, 15 cents brand new?
Bericender6 years ago
lol great idea
(removed by author or community request)
weird al?
ninepound8 years ago
Great. So now if my laptop gets stolen, I'm COMPLETELY screwed. Heh. Nice idea though.
That's exactly what I was thinking. Actually, reminds me of the mouse that fold up and stores in the extra card slot.
Eh?? where do you get them??
sven007 (author)  ninepound8 years ago
think about it this way. if your laptop gets stolen, you have bigger things to worry about then 20$.
The phrase penny wise and dollar foolish comes to mind :P Especially considering I have had a laptop stolen.... locks only prevent thefts of opportunity - now if someone really wants something.... Luckily, I had theft insurance that covered it.
sven007 (author)  trebuchet037 years ago
It all depends on your state of mind. I keep my laptop in my bag, in my hands, or under my fingers in a school environment, so i have no fear of having my laptop stolen. I would have loved to have 20$ in my laptop last time i forgot my lunch and spent the last of my money on the bus. (and why pay the 75 cents service charge to use direct payment on an item costing me 5$? )
It all depends on your state of mind. I keep my laptop in my bag, in my hands, or under my fingers in a school environment, so i have no fear of having my laptop stolen.

As do/did I :P But that didn't stop someone from stealing the box out of the university mail room while it was waiting (behind the counter) for pickup to be serviced ;) Do they (mfrs) really need to make it blatant that there is a laptop in the box?

I carry my debit card with me in case I forget to bring cash with me :P
yeah, cool but not really practical. ( ppl would just steal your notebook w the money inside lol)
gameking77 years ago
Dell sucks
It most definitely does not!!
ZachPosey6 years ago
this wont work for me, my lappy came with a very small remote that hides in the card slot, so i dont have a dummy card *sad*
for Americas hat, they're money is pretty kool lookin'
nerdzilla7 years ago
w00t! canada
reedz7 years ago
Good idea, I would do it but knowing my laptop...the cash would set fire.
aiden1200007 years ago
i have the same laptop
ryzellon7 years ago
Huh. I was rather surprised at the nay-sayers here. I figure if you lay a laptop and a 20$ on the table, the 20$ far more likely to go missing--it's much easier to take, harder to trace and would get the thief in less trouble than the laptop. And it's not like 20$ or 40$ in the laptop is suddenly going to make it more likely to get stolen. So all-in-all, it's not a bad idea to leave a bit of safety cash in the computer.
it would seem that any way you cut it this guy would have been criticised by you people. its a neat idea but my laptop came with a remote to go in the express slot so it has storage rights... not to make that remote charge in the slot... i would never have to buy the coin batteries.. not that i have yet.. lol keep up the good work.
sven007 (author)  nathanbrown037 years ago
Thank you Nathan. I have realized that not everyone will find what i made useful, but it's nice to know that at least some people find my ideas worth while. Thank you very much for your encouragement. Stephen
sven007 (author) 7 years ago
Well, in my case this mod works great, because as a student, i constantly have my computer in my bag, on my back, so the only way to have it stolen is by someone physically threating me to take it. if you own a car, and a laptop, you probably don't need to have a small money stash. for someone in an environment where they only take cash who doesn't carry more then 40$ on them, 20$ in a laptop comes in handy when you forget your lunch, and ran out of money the day before. This mod only works for people who really would find a use for it.
vatosupreme8 years ago
I'm gussing that this is actually used for stashing other things that you don't want your parents to find.
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