Picture of Laptop Monitor Thrip Removal...
Right now it's thrip season, and being next to a barley field doesn't help much for keeping your distance from them. This thrip must have decided eSheep was too outdated, and needed an upgrade, so I left him trailing around: up and down my screen for a while, until the temptation to squash it set it, causing an effect not unlike 5 dead pixels all together... Great.

-thanks to HowSuffWorks for the image below.

Step 1: A word of warning...

Picture of A word of warning...
You might want to Google for thrips stuck in monitors, it's not that unusual, Here's a link to Dell forums about someone with the same problem. If you also have a spare monitor around I suggest taking it apart for practice, decreasing the likeliness of screwing up when it matters.
As mentioned in forum (above link)
The unit would have to be disassembled to clean it out. That is a job for a professional.
Have you checked with a PC repair shop to see if they can do that (and guarantee their work in case they mess it up).

-I've already taken laptop screens apart, so I had a rough idea of what to do. ;-)

-If you want to attempt this, having taken apart electronics &c. is recommended. Please Note: you may be able to get a replacement if your monitor/laptop is under warranty.
omdaddi2 years ago
Thank you for giving me the confidence the try. Thunderbugs (as we call them in this part of the World) are a right pain. But my monitor is now thunderbug free thanks to you. I liked going past the "Do not remove white tape" part.

I should have thought ahead though and had some sort of cleaner available (as you say). I didn't so still have a smudge where it lived for so many years.

Merlinski5 years ago
http://www.instructables.com/id/Remove-thrips-from-your-computer-screen/ Try this FIRST!!!! Merlinski
geeklord6 years ago
I see dead pixels.
thats on a shirt from thinkgeeklol
munchman6 years ago
How do they get inside the monitor?
ll.13 (author)  munchman6 years ago
They crawl, squeeze themselves into all tiny cracks, I guess they're able to in between the monitor screen parts. =)
dchall87 years ago
That and thrips is both singular and plural. Thrip isn't a word.
ll.13 (author)  dchall87 years ago
I know... however I do believe it needs changing, thrip, singular, thrips, plural. (firefox doesn't actually recognise either spelling) it's not like sheep, as sheeps doesn't work, whereas thrip, and thrips does. =)

Williz7 years ago
Dang nammit. Can you come De-thrip my monitor for me? Day after I read this... BANG! Thrip in my monitor ¬__¬