Step 2: Getting the script

You won't need to create the script yourself, but you will need to edit the one attached. Up at the top where it has the variables:


fill in your information and desired time in seconds (although I would just leave it at two minutes). This is what the program uses to log into your FTP server and check if you want to upload any pictures, and if so, to upload the screenshots.
Only thing that would make this better is if it uploaded an image from a webcam as well<br />
Do you know if there is any way to do this on windows. I already have and ftp server but dont know how to do the equivalent of the python script on windows<br />
&nbsp;Hey scytheon-<br /> There is a way to do it on a windows, but it's slightly more complicated. Python does work on windows, you just have to install it first (I'm not sure if it comes pre-installed). Anyway, once you've installed it, the script should work fine, but it's harder to get it to run automatically in the background. You could look into cron and automated task scheduling - I tried to do it with the osx equivalent but my computer was not cooperating. Let me know how it turns out
ill try it out and thanks for getting back to me so quickly<br />
&nbsp;No problem. One more thing, though - in the script, I use the os module (os.system, specifically) to run a command as if I was running it from the terminal, basically. But the screenshot command I used does not exist on windows. Apparently, there is no standard screen capture command in the windows terminal, but you might try installing&nbsp;<a href="http://www.mailsend-online.com/ScreenKapReadMe.htm" rel="nofollow">ScreenKap</a>&nbsp;and seeing if that works. Also, you'll have to change the path to the screenshots - I'm not sure what it is on windows. I hope this helps - if you get it working please let me know!

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