Laptop Sleeve made out of some used military fabrics

I like to reuse old materials and to put them into a new context
So I made a custom sleeve for my MacBook Pro out of a felted woolen blanket and a tent canvas. Both materials I bought in a swiss military shop during my last trip to my home country.
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Step 1: What you need

Picture of What you need
a woolen blanket and a tent canvas from the swiss army shop

of course the usual sewing supplies...
some ruler (take the long one)

as well you will need a drill with a 4mm drilling bit

and lots of patience

Step 2: The inner sleeve

Picture of The inner sleeve
The inner sleeve is made out of the woolen blanket.
I spreaded out the blanket on the floor, put my laptop on it and tipped it over three times so I got the right amount of fabric (four times the surface of the laptop plus some extra for sewing)

I sewed together half of the sides, then folded back, fixed the edges and sewed together the bottom edges (see images)

Step 3: Outer sleeve, part one

Picture of Outer sleeve, part one
Out of the canvas I cutted out two pieces, wich willmake my outer sleeve with outside pockets.

The buttons on the canvas are doublesided, so I needed to drill them out, because otherwise they would dent or scratch the laptop...

But don't throw the buttons away, you will need them later!

Step 4: Outer sleeve, part two

Picture of Outer sleeve, part two
Sew together the outer sleeve (of course inside out!) and readd the buttons (outside only) with the rivets and turn it on the right side

Step 5: Bringin' it all together

Picture of Bringin' it all together
Stuff the inner into the outer sleeve, and sew around the edge.

Put your laptop and the (un)necessary extras into your new bag, then close it by making a tight knot into the ropes...
i like how you make the laptop sleeve!! Good Job!!
deadairman2 years ago
not related to this instructable but from Mein Fundus Blog. Ich spreche nur ein bischen Deutsch. What is this and what did you do to/make out of my oboe? i have looked at this for a long time and i can't quite figure it out.
uersel (author)  deadairman2 years ago
I made this as a prop for the opera "the magic flute". The set-designer wanted something in the style of steampunk (the whole opera was set in a trainstation). So I took an old flute (not in working order anymore), some copper-fittings an old phone-set, and that's what came out.
This looks great and was done in such a way that a guy would use it . I would and I wouldint be seen dead with a MAN BAG. but this looks great !:)
verdastel4 years ago
I like this instructable, thanks for sharing!
Jess274 years ago
This is awesome! I think you should make these and sell them on Etsy. You'd make a fortune. And I would get to buy one! =]
Calorie4 years ago
I've considered doing this for some time. Nice job. I do have to caution you with the wool though. Although unlikely, you could build up a charge and zap the computer. Unlikely, but expensive if it does happen. I think a more likely case is that wool will pill off after time and you might get some in the air cooling ports. Other than that, rock on!
uersel (author)  Calorie4 years ago
The good thing on these blankets is, that they are actually lightly felted, so the static charge shouldn't be much of a problem.
I also made a jacket out of a blanket like this, and even wearing it almost all the time from late autumn to early spring in the fourth year now, there is almost no pilling off. So also nothing to worry about that.. ;-)
But thanks for the thumbs up anyway!
tbcross4 years ago
Love this ible, I was wondering what kind of machine is that you're using?
uersel (author)  tbcross4 years ago
For most of my sewing projects I'm using a elna #1 (aka elna grasshopper, see also here: from around 1946. It's a small but very sturdy and strong machine, and hey, it's swiss! ;-)
Arbitror4 years ago
Awesome, I love the look!
and-reas5 years ago
You're sooo genius! I love the 'tough' style of the sleeve with the kinda softness a laptop has. It's a shame that in Holland (where I live) you would be called a racist if you wore anything with a dutch flag from the army (like my jacket). Other wise I would make!
I want this. By far the coolest, most original and best-made laptop sleeve I've seen. Thanks! I'd like to see your patterns, if you still have them.
uersel (author)  keithwarburg5 years ago
Thanks for the flowers! :-) As of the patterns: I never made any. I just placed my laptop on the fabric and outlined it with chalk... (see step 2)
clavicula6 years ago
very stylish :) I love it!
brabantia6 years ago
where did you get the blanket? (I'm in France and traveling to Switserland regularly)
uersel (author)  brabantia6 years ago
In some cities you have this so called "Army Liq Shops", where they sell used army supplies. The blankets cost 20 SFr and the canvas for 15 SFr. Check for the nearest to your next stay in switzerland.
mrbob10006 years ago
i have one of those tent canvases i put it in the back yard and my dog camps out in it sometimes
I love this project. It's a very unique case, and it looks beautiful!
I can see something awesome coming from a guitar gig bag with this. Like John Lennon's jacket at Madison Square Garden :D
gmjhowe7 years ago
Wow, thats actually done really well, well contructed, and well explained! i actually love how it looks! Fave!
That's so cool! Great job, you should try making an Instructable one... that would be cool. +1 rating.
reedz7 years ago
great job.