Step 2: IPod Dock

I have an iPod dock adapter plate that came with my 2nd Gen iPod Touch. So i altered that to be the dock on top of the can. First i used a file to widen the slot in the bottom to better accommodate my iPod connector. The i used a scrolling bit in my Dremel to cut a space to allow a head phone jack to be mounted.

Next i went about mounting the iPod connector and the headphone jack. The jack i'm using is from the speaker set. (As mentioned before the final product will use a panel mounted jack and a double male cable to connect the speakers to a PC or laptop.) First i set the iPod connector in its slot and set it about 1/16" up from the bottom of the bock plate. I wanted the connector as close to the bottom as possible but still allowing the plate to keep a pinch on it. I then hot glued the corners of the connector to the dock plate. Next i plug an iTouch into the dock and connector. This allowed me to plug in the headphone jack and have it perfectly aligned. I was then able to fill all the gaps with hot glue and make everything nice and secure. 
There is no iPod touch 5g they only upgraded to white and black. the insige is the same old 4g.
sorry, typo inside not insige
Hey just a heads up you might want to revise this. So i went into my box of ''warts'' and pulled out one rated 9V @ 500mA.
very nice project!<br>and it can easily be modified to work with other mp3 players.<br><br>if im not mistaken, ipod connectors have audio output in them, but this way is a lot easier (and possibly more sturdy).<br><br>i plan to do something similar with my phone, nice work!
Thanks!<br><br>Yes the audio jack does keep the iTouch nice and stable. But it does makes it difficult for other iPods to be connected. Any audio source and be connected but other iPods won't be able to sit in the dock. <br><br>I wanted to use the audio pins in the iPod connector. But the connector i used came from a car charging set that supported multiple types of devices. So the iPod connector is an adapter that fits onto a micro-USB connector that most phones use. When i removed the cover i noticed it only had pins for 5V, Gnd and the 2 data pins. Its what i had available and wasn't being used. I didn't want to destroy an iPod data cable i was using and didn't want to spend the $10+ on a new cable. <br><br>In the end i spent less then $6 on the project. I had to buy the perf board for the charging circuit and a panel mounted DC jack. Everything else i had on hand.

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