Laptop Stand




Introduction: Laptop Stand

This is a simple laptop stand that is cheap and easy to make it can also be tailored to any size laptop this one is for my 14.0 inch laptop but with the right adjustments can be used for any laptop

You will need

  • 1/8in ply wood
  • a 2in by 1in board
  • a skill saw
  • sand paper
  • some small nails
  • a hammer

Step 1: The Plate

The plate (for lack of a better word) is made of some thin plywood about 1/8 of an inch. I used my laptop to size out how big to cut the piece than sanded down the edges. then you draw out the pattern you want on the inside drill a hole at the line to fit the blade of your skill saw into. Than cut the inside shape out and sand it.

Step 2:

Now to make the stand you take the 1by 2inch board and cut it to the length of the back of the stand. Then sand the edges of the board. Then take 4 of the small nails and space them out along the back of the plate and start them in with the hammer. Then line up the board with the nails and the back of the plate and pound them in. Now it is ready to use.



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