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Introduction: Laptop Stand

Hello everybody,

Actually I learn cabinet-maker. For my first instructable I build a laptop stand for desk. It's better when you work with paper and cooled fast the laptop. I took pictures for steps. It's my first try for the dimension, they can be optimized. I hope that my model will inspire readers :)

Step 1:

Saw the piece of wood and gluing things together.

Step 2:

Draw a axis for drilling.

I make a small hole with a screw for precision.


Step 3: Dowelled Joint

Step 4:

Scrap the wood for to remove excess glue and sand.

Step 5:

Cut the wooden tie.

Step 6:

Past the wooden tie straight.
And the finish sanding !

Step 7: The Final Result !



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I do not want to be nit picky but I seem to be missing the measurements for the different pieces of wood used. You know, like the measurements for the different pieces used to make the laptop stand, what type of wood used, size dowel pins used, the spacing and diameter of the dowel pin holes, the angle of the support posts for the platform? It looks like a very nice stand.

I made one!!!!

I made a few modification and whanted to share the design whit you.

You can disassemble for packing in your backpak.

Hope you like it.

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very nice modification.

My apologies for the late response, your project is very good !! I'm happy about this idea ! Thanks for sharing your project !

Mr. Holand Which materials you used to made this laptop is very impressive. may u send this detail at my email i.d

Thanks sir

Thank you very much :)

hey what kind of wood you used for this material and how did you keep the wood so clean and good looking after the cut

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My apologies for the late response. The wood used is beech and. For clean the surface after cut i scrap the wood. You can see that in the step 5.

My apologies for the late response. Thank you very muck Elhadni ! :)

Beautiful project. I hope to see more projects from you.

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I hope to make a new one soon ! Thank you so much Susitna :)

Very good craftsmanship!

I like the simple, functional design.

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Me too, thank you very much arlod 2 :)!!