Laptop Stand for Working in Bed Made From Paper




Introduction: Laptop Stand for Working in Bed Made From Paper

With this laptop stand, you can read, write, skype and program comfortably in bed.

The laptop is held in a steep angle, allowing to use the keyboard and trackpad from a normal laying position.

Step 1: Roll the Paper Roles

To make the paper rolles, fold 7 sheets of paper, not quite in the middle of he short side.

Roll tight from the folded side. Best roll on a table, this allows you to hold the role against the plate, shift it half over the edge and grab it there, with out letting it slip.

Wrap tape tight around the role. Start in the middle and go to one side after the other. Wrap with the directin of the sticking out paper, to drag it even tighter.

Step 2: Putting Together the Stand

The elements are connected by wrapping tape around them.

Try to wrap the tape, while the elements to be connected are parallel to each other. Bending them afterwards into their intended position creates tension, that helps with stability.

Later, I added one more role, to stop the roles, that the laptop rests on from moving against each other.

You might want to add a savety line, to secure your laptop.



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