Introduction: Laptop Strap Support - for Couch or Bed

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This is something i made after months of straining my neck while looking down at my laptop when sitting on the couch.
It only really works if you sit like i do when on the couch, slumped back with feet resting on the coffee table..
But, it's also handy for use in bed.
In both instances it helps reduce neck strain, keeps the screen at eye level and keyboard easy to see & use

Step 1: What You Need

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Approx 53" x 1" cotton webbing

Two lengths of 3 1/2 " x 1/2 " cotton webbing

Sewing Machine or Needle and thread.

Step 2: Start Sewing...

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Grab the two ends of your long piece of webbing and overlap 1". Sew.

Step 3: More Sewing

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Position your 'loop of webbing with the overlapped sewn bit at the top. Make a sort of rectangle. (images will explain better)

The bottom two corners are where you'll sew your two smaller pieces of webbing.

Between these corners there needs to be 11" of webbing. This could vary depending on laptop size.

Step 4: Nearly Done

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Position your two smaller bits of webbing ready to sew.

It needs to overlap approx 1/2" over the larger webbing and have 3 1/2 " betweem each sew point... (again a picture is worth a thousand words..)

Sew into place.

Step 5: Ready to Use!

Now that you've sewn everything, all you have to do is loop the top half over your knees, position your laptop and insert it's front corners into the loops.

I hope this comes in handy for a few people.


lady tradey (author)2010-12-01

pure genius!

I didn't know how much i need this invention until I saw this instructable.

I have a sore neck from un-ergonomic couch viewing of lap top-
am gonna make up one of these guys tomorrow and maybe I can cancel my chiropractor appointment!

thanks heaps for the instructable.
pure genius.

ahyng (author)2010-08-01

Thank you very much for the instruction! I made this tonight and am typing on my bed right now, it's very nice.

Trace II (author)2008-12-29

"But, it's also handy for use in bed." not gonna say it....

lycoris3 (author)Trace II2010-03-30

nonetheless, I sit often enough on my bed with my laptop, and I must thank the guy who thought this up, right?  And no perverseness either!

picaresqve (author)2009-07-21

Wow. This works great. I must say, it's probably the most useful thing I've ever made.

island_hackster (author)2009-05-10

are you serious? ever heard of duct tape?

baken411 (author)2009-04-06

very nice, i made my own simpler version with two cheap belts and some string. works great. i've had the problem where when i'm sitting like this its very comfortable but very inconvenience of it falling down to my stomach. very good 5 stars

sorel (author)2008-12-28

The only problem with this stand is the fact that all the heat generated by your laptop is going straight to your legs :) to get away from the heat i use a laptop stand :)

cx420ns (author)2008-12-19

you need to patent this XD

Mr. Rig It (author)2008-05-24

Simple and Effective!

LinuxH4x0r (author)2008-05-24

Pure genius! I should make myself one.

mowdish (author)2008-05-24

This is a brilliant idea. Thank you.

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