Laptop To Tablet-pc Conversion W-I-P / Acer Travelpad

Picture of Laptop To Tablet-pc Conversion W-I-P / Acer Travelpad
i have been looking for a nice new tablet to work with, access and control my big 8-core server
android and ios dont have the productivity suites i want or need
so i started looking at windows 8 tabs and to be honest they are all to expensive or not powerful enough
i then thought "hey why not build one myself"
so i went and got my old travelmate and thought if i can mod this into a nice tablet yes a little underpowered atm but i could buy a new laptop and perform a gutswap in a while and have a custom built tab
that noone else has
i will apoligise now i toke weed all day while i strip and refurb or mod desktops, laptops and consoles
the only time i have is balanced between my 9 month old daugther, my pregnant girlfriend, and a myriad of projects ranging from micro web servers all the way up to high-end quad-copters for surveillance and photography
also the photos in this intro will be updated as i make progress

This is a personal project/prototype using an old laptop

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Step 1: Parts & Costs

Picture of Parts & Costs
Laptop - (i went with an old acer travelmate 2350 cuz it was laying around with a smashed screen) less than £50 on ebay
new front bezel - ebay £10 or less
usb touchscreen panel kit £35
new lcd panel £17
xbox wireless adaptor £27
Total currently - £139 so far
still need to buy:
wifi card - ebay £10
dvd-rw upgrade - ebay £10
1gb ram upgrade - ebay £10
pcmcia compact flash adapter - £5
64gb compact flash card - £40

Step 2: Tools

phillipps head screwdriver
soldering iron (this will be used for extending the power button onto one of the side edges also for plastic welding some peices together)
a tray to place all the screws in
a safe clean surface to build on
common sense
and finally time which in my house is getting harder to find (9 month old baby and a 3 month pregnant partner)
pangtsr1 year ago